12 Month Vaccinations

July 3, 2012 | By More

About this time I would be posting another monthly update on Caden; however since he’s passed his 1 year mark I’ll be posting at 15, 18, 21, and 24 months. I feel like as he gets older I need to not be so open with the world about his personal life. I mean at some point he not going to want his every move on the internet.

But speaking of CK, last week he got his 12 month vaccination shots which included the MMR and the Varicella (chicken pox). He’s never had any reactions to any of his vaccinations not even a fever so I was kind of surprised when Caden broke out in a fever a week after his shots. 8 days to be exact. I thought he may be getting sick but he acted completely normal so it was really weird. He did feel a little hot but I honestly thought it was because of the 115 degree weather we were having this past weekend. After taking his temperature I gave him some ibuprofen which immediately made the temp go down. He slept all night Friday but woke up on Saturday feeling warm again. I took into the doctors to make sure he was fine since we were going to be around other kiddos the rest of the weekend. She checked him out and he was perfectly fine and his temperature had dropped back down to normal. I had asked her if she thought it could be the MMR because I had read from the pamphlet (that the office gives us) that babies can get a fever and a rash 6-12 days after the vaccination. She told me no, that she’s only seen the rash and she’s never heard of them having a fever. Which totally made me think … uh don’t you think you should probably read the pamphlet that you’re giving out to your patients? Just saying.

Anyways, even before we went into the office I had already asked the Google doctor :) and it’s a lot more common then I thought. There were tons of moms saying the same thing; fever, rash 6-12 days after vaccination that only lasted a couple days with no other symptoms and some of their doctors too said it wasn’t because of the vaccination.

Sure enough, he broke out in a little rash the day after and it was only there for a day so I know it wasn’t Roseola or the Hand Foot, Mouth disease. He has already had both of those and the rashes lasted a lot longer. I’m still convinced it was because of the vaccinations. Don’t get me wrong I would rather him have a fever and rash then get any of the diseases he was vaccinated for. I think vaccinating is extremely important. But …

Why is it that doctors never want to admit that vaccines do sometimes cause reactions. It’s almost like they are afraid to admit it because Vaccines get such a bad rep these days.

 Have you noticed this at all?


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  1. Nicole says:

    Actually we had the SAME problem when Hank got his 6 month shots. It was 3 days later and he got a realy high fever (like 103) and a rash. So being a new mom I raced back in there and asked if it could be from the vaccines. The doctor who looksed at him (not our normal doctor) was completely against the thought of it being from the vaccine, after I mentioned he had shots 3 days earlier. But after coming home and looking up all the shots he had gotten and found that with several of them it was common. I agree that they are completely nessecary but don’t lie to me about possible reactions!

  2. Anna says:

    Hi, I really love your blog and think your son is adorable – I want to say, though, that I constantly question if I should stop reading the blog and “trusting” your perspective and advice, etc – due to your consistent misspelling and poor grammar. I know you are rushed and have a toddler running around (so do I) but this blog is a money-maker and a place where people like me come to see what you’re up to and to get your perspective (your style of writing is very engaging). However, something like calling Roseola “Rosella” is a mistake that makes your whole post lack some degree of credibility. In addition, it should be “you’re giving out to your patients.” I promise, I am not looking or combing for these errors, they stand out and I think your readership would increase with a tiny bit of attention given for people like me who love your blog but are turned off by the grammar and spelling issues!

    • Susan says:

      Hi Anna, Thanks so much for the advice and concern. Unfortunately grammar, spelling, punctuation and overall writing isn’t one of my strong points, it never really has been. I actually talked about it in a post over here a while back (Does that get me off the hook? Ha-Ha. Just kidding.) But in all honesty it’s a struggle for me and I’ve been trying to pay more attention but sometimes when I’m typing up a post and I have a screaming toddler climbing all over me or getting into something every 2 seconds; mistakes are just bound to happen.

      Hmm, maybe I need an editor. Wouldn’t that be nice!

      Thanks for the comment Anna and catching those mistakes!