5 Baby Items To Save Your Money On

August 1, 2012 | By More

After having Caden over a year now, 14 months to be exact! I look back on some of the baby items I have bought and realize that I made some really good decisions on some of the stuff and then on the other hand there are some things I could totally do without. If you’re looking to save a few bucks on some baby items; here are 5 things I would recommend!

Crib Mattress

Crib Mattress Have you seen some of the prices for crib mattresses? Re-dunk-ulous! I opted for a firm $50 mattress from Buy Buy Baby and couldn’t be happier with my decision. It’s light weight, (easy to change sheets), firm (best for babies) and inexpensive. Caden sleeps great on it and I won’t be cringing if for some reason it gets ruined. I’ll more then likely use this exact same mattress for my next child but if for some reason I can’t, it’s $50 bucks and I can easily go buy another one.


Baby Food Maker

Baby food MakerBabies don’t eat mashed up food for that long and baby food making machines can be pricy. You can easily mash up their food with a fork but if you are wanting something; opt for the silver magic bullet or use your blender that you already have.  You can easily find other solutions for the couple months that they do eat baby food and save the $100 bucks


Crib Sets

A crib set is the nursery-in-a-bag type thing you find at the baby stores. They usually include a comforter, bed skirt, bed sheet and bumpers. They are really cute, I will admit that. But almost useless if you think about it. I used my crib skirt for only a little while and then I had to lower the crib all the way down and take it off. You really shouldn’t use a comforter until they are about two years old and in a big bed. And there is a huge debate about bumpers being in the crib as well. So really, if you think about it; you’re only getting a bed sheet. Is that bed sheet really worth $150 bucks? Instead of buying a set I recommend you look for other options. I looked at the sets to get ideas for my nursery but opted for more cheaper sheets, blankets etc. It worked out great for me. Not to mention if you really like the bed sheets sometimes those are sold separately along with some other great stuff.


Wipe Warmers

These were good in the very beginning, nice to not wake up the newbie with a cold wet wipe; however I found that Caden woke up anyways. Regardless if the wipe was warm or not. By the time I took the wipe out of the box it was only warm for a second. Plus, it dried the wipes out and you constantly needed to fill it with water. Just another thing to remember. I still use the wipe warmer but I don’t keep it on. I use it for a simple storage container for my wipes.


Changing Table

Changing Pad

A separate changing table, I personally don’t think is needed and have really loved putting a changing pad on his dresser. If you have the room and want the storage I think changing tables are great. But if your limited on space and cash, I’d nix the table and just use the dresser top.

Would you add anything to this list?


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  1. Erika says:

    I was so anti-crib set and then got suckered in. We did get it off craigslist though for a very good deal – no way would I have spent money on it brand new.

    I would add:
    A bottle warmer. We just set ours in a pot of hot water.
    Breastfriend Pillow. It’s big and awkward and you won’t use it long.
    An exosaucer. They are big and too busy for my liking.

  2. Cindi
    Twitter: scubacindi

    Yes to everything on this list! I never once used the bottle drying rack I had, or even most of the bottles. I would also not recommend spending money on clothes the first year or so. The grow way too quickly!

    I do have to disagree with Erika though (sorry!), I used my breastfriend pillow everyday for 14 months. So funny how things are so different for each mom/baby!

  3. Jessie says:

    Agreed on the baby food maker! We never even did purees, Lyric just started with baby led weaning then straight to finger foods. (Oh and I think you meant Magic Bullet right? A silver bullet is a sex toy…)

  4. Oh I completely agree…especially with the changing table and bedding…

    We bought the cute set and although I use the bumper outside of the crib as sort of a modern skirt, I could have just as easily found some sheets we liked and called it a day. And while we did use our changing table for awhile, within the last 3 or 4 months, we have changed her on the floor because she rolls and kicks so much, so I really didn’t get all that much use of it. Really I could probably list other items that I was SURE we needed and have hardly touched and the ones I wasn’t sure I’d like we have of course used daily!

  5. Christie
    Twitter: koesterRuns

    I completely agree with these- although we do have a changing table which I loved having. Sometimes we’d just change Riley on the bed or on a changing mat (placed on the ground or couch), which would start to hurt my back. As long as you have something to put the changing pad on (like CK’s dresser) then I agree.

    I am with Cindi on the feeding pillow. I used mine daily for practically the whole year I breastfed- HUGE! This is a must on my recommendation list.

    We actually do have a wipe warmer, but it certainly isn’t a necessity (got it as a shower gift). It was nice having it during the winter, as her room tends to be the coldest in the house, but we only used it then.

  6. emily
    Twitter: emilytsutton

    Oh my, i used My Brest Friend pillow until Parker was over 1. Bulky or not, it provided perfect support. A big recommendation from me!

    I agree with the others in your list .. we used a $2 steamer basket + regular food processor. I do recommend the silicone food cubes. Then once they freeze over night, pop them out and store in ziplocs.