A Long Flight to Hawaii

November 18, 2011 | By More

A flight to Hawaii with a 5 1/2 month old. Most people would think we are nuts. We did too, but did it anyways to come visit our family on Ohau.

Before our first flight took off Caden got a chance to stretch out and play a bit …

Our first flight was a breeze. It was a short 40 minute flight to Atlanta and Caden pretty much slept the entire way.

As soon as we got off our flight we headed to our connector, I went to the bathroom changed Caden and on to the next plane. We didn’t even get a chance to get snacks, water or anything.

Once we were on our plane we set up shop and went about our daily routine. He played when he would usually play and ate when he would usually eat. He took a couple naps, flirted with the flight attendants and smiled at anyone who would look at him. Of course he fussed here and there but nothing longer then a few minutes. Mind you I came fully prepared with toys galore in my diaper bag … some he’s never seen before.

We were right by the bathroom which was nice and easy to change him. We also reserved a bassinet.

Caden laid down in it once and after about 10 minutes he started screaming.

I didn’t really know how it was going to work out and had no clue what to expect and I think it would be really useful for a smaller baby or a baby that doesn’t mind being put down. But Caden being the mamas boy he is didn’t really like it. I don’t think we’ll be getting it on the way back. But it was nice to try out and know that it’s an option out there.

At the end of the flight we were getting ready to get off the plane and we got lots of compliments on how well he behaved. I asked each one of them if they were worried when they got on the plane and they all said YES! Not much to my surprise .. If I was going on a 9 hour flight to Hawaii and I had to sit next to a kid I’d be a little worried too.

So overall it was a great flight … long but Caden did great. The flight home should be pretty easy because it’s a night flight and hopefully Caden will sleep a lot of the way. But we are here and enjoying our time with our family!

Yesterday we headed to the beach and today we are going to a festival with live music and family fun :)

I’ll be posting some more pics on my facebook and Twitter pages so don’t forget to check ‘em out …




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  1. 9 hours in a plane would make ME go crazy, way to go baby Caden!! Have a wonderful trip visting your family :)

  2. Deena says:

    Glad everything went well with the flight…. Have fun in Hawaii!

  3. Good to know that you and your baby arrived safe in Hawaii.