ABC Plans of Asheville

June 19, 2012 | By More

Whew can you believe it’s already Tuesday! Yikes! We got back from Asheville yesterday and I took the rest of the day getting back to normal.

For Fathers Day this year I decided to do something different and take Nate on a surprise trip to Asheville. We’ve talked about going and checking it out many times so I thought what better way to spend some quality time together as a family then hiking and walking around a new city. We had no idea what to expect but have heard amazing things about Asheville.

We stayed at the Renaissance. It a great hotel, reasonably priced, right in downtown so you can walk to everything. We got to Asheville about lunch time so we took the rest of the day to check out some shops and restaurants, walk around and drink a few beers.

Our first stop was Bistro 1886 for lunch and then off to Mellow Mushroom for a Beer.

Caden didn’t want to miss anything so his nap was non existent that afternoon.We went back to the room for a bit and headed back out to Salsa for dinner. Of course there had to be a bakery right next door with some amazing cupcakes. I got a salted caramel! It was a chocolate cupcake with caramel inside with salt on top. Hmmm! I wish I took a picture it was pretty darn good! Nate got one too. They didn’t stand a chance!

The next morning it was Father’s Day and CK helped Dadda open up his gifts! He’s such a great little helper!

That day we had planned to go hiking (Plan A), since the following day we felt like all we did was eat and drink. Let’s just say we weren’t feeling our skinniest and we needed some type of exercise in our lives! We packed up CK and got directions and headed up the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was gorgeous but I started to really feel uneasy about the whole situation. There was nothing around us and we were driving for about 10 miles and hadn’t seen a mile marker. Which, the guy at the front desk said there were mile markers everywhere. We then realized we only had a quarter tank of gas. I’m thinking, this is not good. We have no idea where we are or how far we have to go. We haven’t seen one mile marker yet, there is nothing around us besides cliffs and woods. Our cell phones don’t work and sure enough it started to drizzle. All I could think about is if we run out of gas how are we going to get a hold of anyone, our phones don’t work and no one knows where we are out here. And most importantly  I don’t have enough food for Caden. (OK, maybe it wasn’t a good idea to watch “How I survived” before we left) But if  these weren’t signs to turn around I don’t know what would be. Clearly, we were not prepared to hike with the big guys that day. So, we turned around! The good thing, Caden got a great nap in and we did enjoy some beautiful scenery.

Our next stop was to grab something to eat at Pack’s Tavern, great atmosphere and the weather was gorgeous!

I tried Son of a Peach from SC and it was amazing!!

After lunch we headed to the Biltmore (Plan B). We knew we didn’t want to do any tours we just wanted to see the house and move along. However, we found out you can’t do that without paying $60 bucks per person and we decided to scratch that idea and come back with just the two of us one day. So instead we headed back to Downtown and took Caden to a splash pad! (Plan C) After being in a stroller and car seat the majority of the trip it was time to let this little guy run! And that he did. For about an hour he was non-stop with Dadda.

And then guess what we did.

We. Ate. Again. And topped it off with some Yogurt!

The next morning. We. Ate. Again and packed up and headed home. Asheville didn’t turn out how we planned but it was great to getaway and check out a new town and spend some family time together!

Have you ever been to Asheville? If so, what’s your favorite spot?


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