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First I would like to say Thank You for everyone’s concern and prayers. A part of our family died last night and I guess I’m writing this to get some closure and celebrate his life. He was our youngest dog, Zeus. I know some people may think “he’s just a dog” but Nate and I don’t have kids and we treat and consider our dogs like our kids. For all of you that knew Zeus, you know that he was the happiest, most loving dog ever.  He had the softest fur I have ever felt on a dog before. People would always comment on how soft he was. We call him the Gentle Giant because he’s the gentlest dog but a beast at the same time. I really thought he would have more time with us but I have to say he had a pretty good life and had tons of people that loved him. He was always so happy to see everyone, he would shift is butt back and forth while circling you. I’ve had dogs in the past but he just touched my heart like no other. He was my snuggle buggle, and would always snuggle with me no matter where we were. In a car, on the floor, in a bed. He just loved touching someone and would literally sit on top of your feet It’s always the ones that touch you the most that have to leave early.

I don’t really know what happened to Zeus. He was acting like he normally does. Everything was fine yesterday in fact throughout the beach trip and our wedding he was perfect, getting lots of exercise on the beach, playing with his family and doggie friends, sneaking up on the couch and bed. (He tries to do that in vacation rentals). There were no signs of him being sick, or anything. In fact I thought he was doing his best in a long time, he was even starting to lose some weight.

I knew he was getting older you can see it in his face with his gray hair; but boxers don’t live that long anyways I’ve always heard 8 years or so. The week before our wedding I was crying because I had a feeling Zeus wasn’t going to live that long but I was crying over the fact we had only 3 years left with him not 3 weeks.

Saturday night we went to our friends Dan and Jen’s house where he played with Kala and 3 other dogs. Chased the laser pointer, you know a totally normal night for a dog. Yesterday, we woke up, lounged around, I made dinner Zeus of course was in the kitchen just waiting for me to drop something. (Which I usually do). We ate dinner, Kala and Zeus lounged around; Zeus ate a bone and then we took them both on a walk so Nate and I could get some Cold Stone Ice cream. Zeus was happy and chill and just enjoying his walk. We got home and he was totally fine; we go up to bed (just like clockwork). Zeus and Kala follow. Kala gets in his bed, Zeus starts itching. I tell him to stop and go over and itch it for him. His allergies get bad where he’ll scratch himself until he bleeds. Zeus then went and laid down on his bed, I just had laid down; Nate was in the bathroom and I hear / see Zeus get real stiff and fall against the wall. Almost like he tried getting up real quick but his legs didn’t work. I jumped over to him and started petting him; and thought maybe he was having a seizure. (I had dogs in the past that had seizures and knew they just had to work through them.) But this didn’t look like a normal seizure. I called to Nate and we are both there petting him and talking to him and his breathing started sounding really bad, like he was trying to catch his breath. Then all of a sudden his whole entire body just went limp. He then like woke up and took 2 more breaths and became limp again and peed. I put his head in my lap and at that point I knew he had left us. I could  see in his eyes the exact point he had died. There wasn’t even anything we could do, it happened literally in 2 minutes. It was awful and I just cried over him and didn’t want to let him go even though I knew he wasn’t there anymore. I was still holding on to that one little bit of hope that I had. I just held his head and petted him until we brought him to the vet. They tried bringing him back but he had been gone for a while and I knew there wasn’t anything they could do. It was rough for Nate and I that night and Kala was a little confused. The worst is waking up thinking, hoping it was all a dream and going around finding all his stuff and thinking about him.

A little piece of me left with him that night and I will always remember him. He was our baby of the family and always put a smile on our faces with his dopiness. I love him more then I can express and my heart hurts that he’s not here anymore. But if I can look at the positive in this whole situation, I’m happy he died with us in his own bed without any pain and can only hoped having Nate and I there petting him helped him go easier. For the short 5 years he was here with us he had a fantastic life. He traveled for 7 months, went camping, played in the ocean, went to restaurants in the Keys, had tons of doggie friends, and family that loved him. He’ll always have a place in my heart as our “baby”.


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  1. Brittany says:

    Susan, I am crying right now reading this. I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine how you must feel right now. But I’m so glad Zeus had such a wonderful life and was loved so much. He was a lucky dog to have you, Nate & Kala as his family.

  2. Troy Cline says:

    In The Loss of Your Pet
    There must be a heaven for the animal friends we love.
    They are not human, yet they bring out our humanity…
    sometimes in ways that other people cannot.
    They do not worry about fame or fortune…
    instead, they bring our hearts nearer to the joy of simple things.
    Each day they teach us little lessons in trust and steadfast affection.
    Whatever Heaven may be, there’s surely a place for friends as Good as these!

  3. Susan and Nate I know how you feel,you lost a good friend! says:

    Sorry about your loss! I can feel the pain ! I lost a good friend, his name was Ozzy! I can’t say any thing to ease the pain I know your feeling! I hope you just remember the good times!
    Sorry for your loss!

  4. Renee and Jim Lemal says:

    Jim and I are so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to loose a pet and one so young at that. One of my Goldens passed away at 4 years of age. No sick one day. I am so glad he didn’t suffer and died in your arms. If you haven’t read it before, google Rainbow Bridge. This is a poem that is very comforting. You have our deepest sympathy.

  5. Susan Satterwhite says:

    Thanks guys we really appreciate it. It’s been pretty hard getting use to him not being around but that will come with time. I never knew how effected I could be losing a pet – he was part of our family and will be always missed. We appreciate the kind words everyone.