Bahamas Cruise: The Activities

May 25, 2012 | By More

If you missed part one about our trip you can read all about the boat and what there is to do on it.

As soon as we got on the boat the first thing we did was get a cocktail (duh!) and then we walked around the boat to check it out.

Our bags took a while to get there. (Apparently we were suppose to put the alcohol in our carry-on.) So we laid out on the deck until they got to our rooms. After getting ready we decided to go to a comedy show and catch up till 3am. Party Hardy!

The following morning we didn’t get into Free Port till about noon so Meredith ad I hit up the spa! It was awesome. A facial, back, neck and shoulder massage! I felt so refreshed especially a night after drinking!

There wasn’t much on the island of Free Port. Lots of abandoned buildings from the hurricane that came through and not a lot of people around besides the tourists.The first thing I noticed, which scared the crap out of me, was that they drive on the wrong side of the road! (whose to say we drive right, but it was just really awkward.)

The weather was perfect. Once we got to the beach we got bombarded by Bahamians trying to sell their excursions. We were going to go on the banana boat ride but then I got all paranoid about getting into a boat with random Bahamian guys. I shouldn’t have though, it looked super fun. But ever since Caden I’m very cautious about the decisions I make. Especially this trip because I thought I was going to die!

We laid out most of the day and went to this bar close by to get some food and drinks.

It was a pretty relaxing day. Meredith was caught up in her bay watch moment and she biffed it, flat on her face in this enormous hole.  We asked how she didn’t see it and she said that she was just so excited about going in the ocean that she wasn’t even paying attention. (She must of got caught up by the wind in her hair, the fresh air …)  This had us laughing all weekend.

Once we got back on the ship, we got ready for dinner and headed out. We didn’t stay out too late because we were docking pretty early the next day in Nassau.

When we were in Nassau the plan was to go to the Atlantis and pay for a day pass to use all their amenities. Unfortunately it rained the whole day but we were still able to go in the water park which was a blast.

This one slide called the Abyss was pitch black the whole way down. I think the Leap of Faith was the scariest! You drop and then go through a tunnel of sharks. These slides were no joke, I don’t usually scream on things like this but my throat was sore after this day.

Once we were done conquering all the slides we headed back to the boat and sat in the hot tub for a bit before we got dinner and headed to another comedy show.

The following day we were at sea all day long. It was gorgeous so I, along with every other woman on the boat laid out and read 50 Shades of Grey. I kid you not 90% of the women were reading this book, including Nicole. I still haven’t gotten through the first one but I’m close. And of course I took a small break to drink out of my Monkey Coconut!

Overall the trip was great. I missed my little family like crazy and everywhere I looked I saw kids Cadens age, which made me miss him even more. I was more then ready to get home and squeeze my little nugget but I’m hoping we can do a girls trip every year. It’s great catching up with old friends and experiencing new things.

Do you take a girls or guys trip once a year?

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  1. Jenny
    Twitter: JennyBrewton

    Sounds like you girls had a blast! I think an annual girls trip sounds like a great idea. Unfortunately my closest girlfriends and I have yet to do this but I’m hoping to someday soon!

  2. Cindi
    Twitter: scubacindi

    I am beyond jealous of this trip! I have been missing my bff’s madly lately & would love to do a trip like this every year. Our last trip was to NYC last April when I was 32 weeks preggo! And unfortunately another trip won’t be happening anytime soon because my friend is due again in October. With 5 girls, 7 babies, living in 4 different states -it’s impossible to all get together!