Bahamas Cruise: The Boat

May 22, 2012 | By More

Well I’m baccckkk. Whew, do you ever need a vacation from your vacation?

I felt like doing absolutely nothing yesterday. And that’s exactly what I did. Well, besides take CK for a walk up to our water fountain. But I’ve been exhausted since I’ve been home. Of course CK was awesome for Nate and slept great, all smiles, the whole nine yards.

As soon as I get home he’s a teething maniac! He hasn’t slept good at all, barely eating anything and has been Mr. -Sir -Cranks -a -Lot during the day. These last couple teeth are killers!


On another note, the cruise was a blast. (Instead of doing one long post I’m going to break it up into two posts. I figured this way you won’t be bombarded with a crap load of pictures.)

We all flew into Jacksonville from all over the country. I of course came from NC, Libby from Chicago, Nicole from WV and Meredith from LA. I haven’t seen these girls in forever so when we finally reunited it was awesome. They are the closest thing to having a sister for me. I’ve known them ever since I was little. They know so much about me, I know so much about them. We’ve been through all sorts of stages together in our lives. We fight like sisters, get annoyed like sisters but no matter how long we are apart, we pick up right where we left off.

Nicole’s friend ended up picking us up from the airport and we all went out to lunch before we boarded the ship. After a few drinks and some food we headed towards the cruise ship. I was seriously amazed when I first saw the ship and how big it was. Of course I’ve seen cruise ships from a distance but being that close it’s just unreal how enormous it is.

Once we boarded we went straight to our room. I wish I had a picture of this room. We got an interior stateroom so it didn’t have a window and it had twin beds on the ground and then two twin beds that folded down. Let’s just say it was the smallest room I have ever been in and very tight quarters for 5 days. But I will say that it had a lot of storage for being so small. We had plenty of room to hang all our clothes and put all our stuff away in drawers which was nice.

The boat was called the Fascination which is one of the smaller cruise ships. I was surprised to see that it only had one small pool for so many people. It did have water slides in the back of the boat as well and about 4 hot tubs. 2 which were in the adult only area.

The boat had a casino, auditoriums for shows, numerous bars and restaurants, shopping area, a kids area, put-put, a full gym and track, full spa. This boat pretty much had anything you can imagine.


Over all, I liked the cruise and I felt safe throughout the trip knowing that were was ample about of boats and life jackets. Can you believe that this small little boat fits 145 people? Crazy!

It was a little scary the last day because of the weather the boat was really rocking. I didn’t feel sick unless I was in the room. Being outside on the top deck was fine but looking out over the boat with nothing else around and looking straight out into the horizon and just seeing this enormous  boat rocking up and down was a little unsettling at first but then I got use to it.

Overall, I really liked the cruise ship, there was a ton to do and the staff was super friendly.

Would I ever go on a carnival cruise again? Yes. But I would definitely pay the extra money for a balcony or window. It was really hard for us to know what time it was in the morning and how the weather was or if we were at port.

I also would  love to bring CK on the boat but I would wait till he was a little older and really good at walking. If the boat rocks he needs to be old enough that he wouldn’t fall over. Not to mention I would feel more comfortable with him walking around the boat knowing he’s not going to fall and slip over board. It’s not easy to fall out but the rails aren’t foul proof if you know what I mean.

I don’t know if I would call myself a cruise person just yet and I probably couldn’t or wouldn’t want to always travel that way but it is a fun, different kind of vacation to take.

Have you ever been on a cruise? How did you like it?

Bahamas Cruise: The Activities

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  1. I have been on a cruise … I cruised Alaska a couple summers ago. Chris and I want to go on a cruise leaving from Jacksonville also because it’s such close drive.

  2. Adam and I have been on a ton of cruises, I think collectively 12-15 of them, mostly Carnival. We LOVE them as a great convenient way to travel where pretty much all you need is included and we have even come up with tricks over the years for how to make them even better, ie bringing some of our own alcohol. While I love them, after awhile they can get a little old in the sense that they tend to all be the same, but it is hard to beat the price sometimes. And I agree, the inner rooms have their pros and cons, pros if you really want to sleep, cons if you ever want to have a sense of what time it is haha. Glad you had fun!