Chardon High School Shooting

February 28, 2012 | By More

Two Dead in Chardon School Shooting

Ohio School Shooting: Second Victim Dead, Questions about Shooter


Monday morning there was a school shooting in Chardon, Ohio. Hearing about a school shooting is always so sad but this one is different. This shooting happened about 30 minutes from where I went to high school. This particular shooting really hit home for me. I’m not sure if it’s because it was so close or the fact that I’ve become a parent and these kind of things frighten me a whole lot more. Either way it’s just so sad.

When I was in high school, I was one of the people who really didn’t mind school. Sure, I didn’t like the classes or the homework but it was a pretty good social experience for me. I was involved with a lot of sports and made some really great friends.  Still to this day the majority of my best friends are from Aurora. All throughout my schooling never once did I feel unsafe. I mean there were physical fights that I would see break out in the hallway or outside or even at sports events but I was never afraid that someone would come into the school cafeteria with a gun. Never. I know there were many students that went to our school that hated high school, that were picked on and bullied but none of them came in with a gun. I know bullying is uncalled for and straight up awful but that’s no excuse for this kid or any of the other school shooters to take someone elses life.

I can’t even imagine what those parents are thinking, getting a text or phone call from their child or someone else saying there is a shooting and students have been shot. I can’t even imagine how they felt when their heart dropped into their stomach and the thoughts that ran through their heads. How are these parents ever going to let their kids out of their site again, the one place you think is safe and secure isn’t.

And the students, a 15 year old witnesses the shooter fire shots at the other students while he was hiding under a table covering his face. These images that theses kids saw will always be imprinted in their minds. My heart goes out to these kids, they are so young and this is what they are going to remember of their high school years.

As a mom I’m extremely protective of my son, I’ll be the first to admit that and I’m sure I’ll always be protective of him no matter what age he is. My job as a parent is to keep him safe and I almost feel like it’s impossible these days. Even if I raise him to be a good man, follow God, do the right things and succeed at life there is always that chance that someone else can take everything away from him. And this really scares me.

I just don’t’ get it. Where are we going wrong. Why does this keep happening? Why do these kids think the only way out is to shoot someone? They have to be learning it somewhere right. Or maybe the appropriate question is why aren’t they learning other alternative ways to deal with anger?

At the end of the day who do you blame? Is it the child? The parents? The school system and teachers?

My facebook is filled with status updates about this shooting, I’ve seen some people blaming the parents and others blaming the school and teachers. What about the kid who actually fired the shots. Why isn’t he being blamed for this. He’s old enough to know right from wrong. Why is everyone attacking everyone else and not the kid who got the gun and went to the high school and pulled the trigger?

Seriously, What age is appropriate for the child to take the blame for his own actions? 

 This is just so sad. My heart goes out to all the families in Chardon who are affected by this unnecessary tragedy and my thoughts and prayers are with the victims families and the students of Chardon high. I hope they all can find peace and security in their hearts soon.



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  1. Jenny
    Twitter: JennyBrewton

    I am with you 100%. It’s unbelievable to think that I’ve been in that school. Being only about 10 minutes away from Chardon we were high school rivals and never in million years would I have thought something like that could happen so close to home. My heart breaks for everyone involved and It’s so hard to say what age is appropriate for holding someone accountable for this kind of action. He knew better and because of that I believe he should take the blame and be tried as an adult. There are ways to get your point across other than killing innocent people

  2. Michaela says:

    I agree to everything you have written here, too.
    I wonder what is happening in the world, where is the love? Seriously, why do people keep doing these things?

  3. Kelly @ Cupcake Kelly's
    Twitter: cupcakekellys

    I agree with what you have written. As a former HS and MS teacher, I sometimes see things from that perspective. In terms of bullying these days, it is extremely hard to keep tabs on it. Bullying is more cyber now than in person. When I was in school it was all face-to-face. Cyber bullying is extremely hard because parents and teachers only know about it if someone reports it.

    Same goes for the blame game. I don’t think one group can be held entirely responsible. Except for the shooter. Some parents and teachers just don’t understand how dangerous the internet can be and don’t know how to monitor.

    Regardless of any of that this is a tragedy and I pray for the victims families and I hope everyone can find peace in their lives.