Childproofing: Phase 1

March 14, 2012 | By More

Oh my gosh can you guys believe this weather! Is Spring time really here? As you may now know we are headed to the beach this weekend and I can’t wait to put my footsies in the sand and my butt in a chair. Who am I kidding, vacations aren’t what they use to be. I’ll be running around chasing the little guy, trying to drink a beer all while pulling sand out of CK’s mouth. Thank goodness they have a pool there!


A mini series dedicated to Childproofing

I have gotten a couple questions about what type of products I use for childproofing so I thought it would be useful for some other new moms out there if I did a post about it.

As most of you know or may not know childproofing can be expensive, really expensive. So, I decided to do it in phases and just childproof as we go. It’s been working out great. In the beginning you really don’t know what you’ll need to childproof and obviously a baby who is just rolling isn’t going to roll on over to the toilet, roll up and open the lid. And crawlers that aren’t standing up on stuff don’t necessarily need furniture wall straps just yet. So I think it’s best to child proof in phases and ease up on your pocket book a bit.

We started child proofing by doing all the free stuff first. We took all the dangerous stuff out of all the rooms that CK would be in. The living room, kitchen, bonus room and his bathroom. It made me more at ease knowing that there was no chance of him drinking anything poisonous at any point. If it’s out of the house or out of his reach then their is no chance he can get in to it, right? So as soon as he started to become mobile I took all of our cleaning supplies under our kitchen sink and put them in our garage. We still have some soap and dish washing detergent under there but no bug spray, Drano or anything like that. We also had a glass coffee table and end table in our living room. Very non baby let’s say. While I was pregnant Our glass table top exploded so we got a new cloth ottoman to replace it. That worked out perfect. I couldn’t imagine having anything sharp in our living room or bonus room. Especially now since CK has started walking, he falls into everything. We also decided to take our glass side table up to our attic for the time being. At first we put padding on it, but I just wanted it out so I didn’t have to worry about it. Better safe then sorry.

Here’s a list of what we did next:

Outlet Plugs: We did this right away. It’s cheap, easy to do and well needed. I like the clear plastic ones for the majority of the house. They are cheap, do the job and it doesn’t even look like they are in.

In the bonus room I use these other ones. They both work and CK doesn’t have any interest in them.


Cabinet Locks: I had to switch up the cabinet locks. I originally has these cabinet locks and Caden would literally just take them off. I’d find him walking around chewing on them.

So, I decided to try these ones and they work great. Way better then the other ones.

Baby Gates: I have a couple different kinds of baby gates. It really depends what you need. We have a swinging one where it will open on both sides. We wanted to leave it open so our dog and go up and down the stairs or if CK wants to ride one of his toys or push his walker. It gives him a little more room to move around if he needs it.

Baby Gates

We also have a pressure mounted baby gate that you can open with one hand and automatically closes behind you for our play room.

 And for the top of our stairs we got a gate that has a banister attachment so we didn’t have to drill into the banister. They all work great and I’m very please with them.

Bath Slip Mat: This is a given. I started using this as soon as I put Caden in the big tub which is probably around 6 months. I bought this mat at Bed Bath and Beyond for like 15 bucks. This is a must have, especially now that he loves standing in the tub. It drives me crazy and makes me a nervous wreck but having this makes me feel a tad bit better.

Bath Slip Mat

And that’s about all we did for our first Childproofing phase.

Childproofing: Phase 2

Childproofing: Phase 3

What was the very first thing you did when you started childproofing?


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  1. Amanda Perry @ Sistas of Strength
    Twitter: amandamaryperry

    We haven’t done our cabinets yet, but we really need to. We got gates and one of them stinks, but one is good. What brand are yours?

    • Susan says:

      Munchkin: Auto Close Metal Gate (we use this for our bonus room)
      Munchkin: Extending Meal Gate Extra Tall & Wide and then we have another one just like this but not tall and wide, (we use both of these for our hallways)
      Summer: Extra Tall Top of Stairs Gate with Banister Kit ( top of our stairs)

      They are great, I don’t have any complaints.

  2. Vacations will be relaxing again for you one day! My youngest is 4 and last year was the first year I could actually park my butt in the sand with a book while the 3 kids were playing in the sand…actually felt like a real vacation!

    As for child proofing, the first thing we did was outlet covers and cabinet locks after my youngest opened a cupboard and knocked over the crockpot…that thing shattered in millions of pieces, thankfully he didn’t get hurt, but it scared the crap out of me!

    • Susan says:

      Oh good you give me hope, there is relaxation in sight :)

      Oh wow a whole crockpot? That is crazy and thank goodness he didn’t get hurt. I’m always afraid about boiling water falling on him. He can’t reach the stove yet but it still scares me!

  3. Diane Mellen says:

    Baby Gates
    Where did you purchase the baby gate shown?
    first photo of gate with baby in the middle?

    Thank you!