CK’s First Trip on a Plane

August 17, 2011 | By More

This past weekend we took our first trip to Chicago with Caden. Things are definitely not the same when you travel with an infant.  We traded in our computer bags and my neck pillow and magazines for a stroller, a car seat, a kid, a diaper bag, a breast pump and a rock n’ play sleeper. I wish I would have taken a picture of us going to our gate, we for sure looked like first timers with all the stuff we had. I’m sure as time goes on and Caden gets older traveling will become easier and easier.

Security wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  We didn’t pack light and it was some work trying to get all the stuff through the machine all while holding a little baby. Luckily, I had Nate to put everything through while I held Caden but I still found myself searching for all of our stuff because it was so spread out. Half our stuff was still going through machine, the other half was being checked by the TSA and someone else is trying to hand me a closed up stroller while I’m holding Caden and Nate’s still going through the X-Ray machine. 3 different people are talking to me all while I’m trying to find my shoes because I’m grossed out walking on that floor. I mean if any point in my life where I needed 8 arms and hands. It would be then. All jokes aside, it went pretty smoothly but I couldn’t imagine doing it all by myself. A Hell-Yeah to the women out there that do!

Caden was such a good boy. We even got compliments from our neighbors on the plane on how good he was. I nursed him on the way up on the first flight and he just sucked on his Paci on the way down. Vise versa on the flight home. I think as long as they are sucking on something their ears are fine. At least his was.

He was smiling and cooing at the women sitting next to us, a little flirt already. Either that or he’s going to love the cougars :)

The first night we were there Caden was pretty cranky and probably over stimulated. He had so much to take in that he missed a few naps and by the time it was bed time for him he was so over tired that it was hard for him to fall asleep. I found myself pacing the hotel hallway until he passed out. He slept pretty long throughout the weekend considering it was a new place for him. We did take his rock-n-play so I’m sure that helped to have some familiarity.

The next day our friends got into town and Caden and I went to lunch with Jenny and Allison and then hung out pool side for a bit.

Later that night my friend Libby came into town and we had dinner at the hotel. Right before Libby got there Caden had a meltdown. Again, he was so tired and over stimulated he just broke down, but he managed to fall asleep. Even though Libby wished he was up when she was there, I was happy he was sleeping :)

Saturday before the wedding Caden finally got into the pool for a little bit with daddy.

Saturday night was the wedding and I left Caden for the first time. It was a lot harder then I thought but he did great with the sitter. The wedding was gorgeous; Kelly looked beautiful and Nelson was a dancing fool. It was so much fun. Kelly’s father had passed away unexpected a couple weeks before so this wedding was pretty emotional. The speeches were awesome, the food was great and the salad was seriously the BEST salad I’ve ever had. The band was fantastic, overall a great time. I’m really glad we made it up there and it was so nice to get away and be an adult again, my only regret is not taking one picture!! I was way too busy enjoying myself :)

Sunday came too quickly but we made it back all in one piece. After taking this trip it reminds me that traveling will not be like it use to be but we can still enjoy doing what we love. Just in a slightly different way.

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  1. Ashley says:

    Do u have any tips for flying with infant? What to/not bring? I’m flying with my 8 week old next week ALONE and am so nervous. I have no clue how I am going to hold the baby and hrt everything through security myself!

  2. Jessica says:

    Hi Susan, did your baby have problems with the pressure changes in the cabin? I’ve already taken my little 1.5 month old boy on a few car trips, but I am scared about his reaction to his ears popping on the plane in November. Any tips? Thank you!

    • Susan says:

      Caden did awesome on the plane when he was about 2 months old. Just be sure to either feed them or give them a paci taking off and landing to help with the popping of their ears. When they swallow it’s like us chewing bubble gum helps their ears pop. He had no problem .. that age is pretty easy because the sound of the plane puts them to sleep. He’ll do great, don’t worry!