CK’s School Update

October 19, 2012 | By More

Why do you call it school versus a daycare? I call Caden’s school, a school rather then a daycare for a few reasons. When I first started looking into the whole school / daycare thing I didn’t think there was much of a difference at all. You drop your kid off and they watch your kid. But the more research I did the more I found out. Caden’s school has a year long curriculum for each age group. They teach them sign language, vocabulary words, flash cards and work on their shapes, colors and numbers. They have circle time and do arts and crafts. At CK’s school they follow a structured schedule everyday and incorporate the different months, holidays etc. into their days. Just like any other school if he misses a day we still have to pay for that day. A daycare in my eyes is where the workers usually play with or watch your children while they play. When I think of a daycare I think of a church nursery or childcare for the gym. You can drop them off whenever you want and pick them up whenever you want. There are full time daycares and then difference there is the structure.

How long has he been enrolled? CK has now been enrolled for two weeks. He goes two days a week for about 3 hours. I usually drop him off between 9-9:30am and he usually doesn’t make it past noon so I pick him up early. As he gets older he’ll stay till 1pm and I’ll drop him off a little earlier as well.

Aren’t you worried about the germs? I was freaked out by germs in the beginning but to be honest the older he gets and the more kids he’s going to be around it’s evident he’s going to pick up germs no matter where he is. He actually did catch a cold though. I can’t say it was from school but I’m going to say that it probably was. :) I’ve realized I can’t worry about him getting sick and I’ve already accepted that my child will have a runny nose from now till next summer. :) All jokes aside this school is really good for him and I can’t worry about all the germs. No matter what, at some age he’ll be in school and those exact same germs will be there.

Does he enjoy it? Enjoy it? Not quite yet. Tolerate it? Yes. He still cries at drop off but has fallen or almost fallen asleep the last two days. So, he feels comfortable enough to do that so I’d say that is a good sign. The first few days when I went to pick him up I’d call his name and he’d look at me and start crying. The last two times I picked him up he would look at me and run over to me and slightly smile. He’s still getting use to it. But he does love himself some circle time. During circle time the teacher reads books, plays with puppets, does flash cards, sing songs and works on their numbers, shapes and colors for the month.

Has he learned anything yet? It’s been 5 days. Really? Actually, he does do Peek a Boo now to himself and I have no idea where he got it from. He learned it soon after he started school. I know Nate and I didn’t teach him so he picked up from somewhere. :)


Overall, it’s going better. He just needs to get use to being away from me which is one of the main reasons he’s going to school. The teachers told me to give it about a month and he’ll be smiling and telling me bye. We’ll see :) I’m holding them to it!

Hope you all have a great weekend I’m off to finish up organizing my pantry for the new Let’s Get Organized Series! Make sure you check back next week and see my pretty new pantry and hear about the new Gracco Car Seat!


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  1. Christie
    Twitter: koesterRuns

    I think you’re doing a great thing! They learn so quickly when young, so why not offer them more opportunities too. Plus, learning from others ensures he’ll comprehend more than form just learning from the way you guys teach him things.

    It’s been way too long (my own fault). Hope you’re all doing well!