Crepe Paper Number Decoration

May 3, 2012 | By More

I finally finished my first project for Caden’s 1st birthday! I thought this would be perfect to set up on a table with a framed Happy Birthday sign next to it.

Thanks to Makin Projiks I stumbled across her adorable wreath that she did for her daughters birthday and knew I had to do it too! Since I already had a birthday wreath in the making (hint hint) I decided to do a table decoration instead. It was a little time consuming but I’m so happy on how it turned out!

Here’s what you need:


  • Streamers
  • Craft glue
  • cardboard (I used old diaper boxes)
  • pencil
  • tape (packaging or duct)

First your going to make your cut out. Cut your cardboard and put it together with tape. I used a diaper box. It was pretty simple.

Next your going to cut your streamers into squares.

Then your going to take a pencil, (I used a dry erase board marker. Can you believe we don’t have a single pencil in this house?) and your going to wrap a piece of streamer on to your pencil, dip it into the glue and place it on your cardboard cutout.

And Repeat. And Repeat. And Repeat. For a long time.

And there you have it. You can use it as a wreath, table decoration or even a wall decoration. And you can stick with a color scheme like I did or you can do a solid color or even do stripes and patterns. Either way it’s affordable and really cute!

Price Breakdown

4 Streamers: .89 ea. / 3.56

Glue: $5.99

Cardboard: Free

Total: Under 10 bucks!

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  1. Amanda Perry @ Sistas of Strength
    Twitter: amandamaryperry

    Dude…you could totally sell those for at least double….probably triple! :)

  2. So cute, I better start now if I have any hope of finishing one in time :)

  3. Darci says:

    Love it!! Might just have to do that for Adelyn’s birthday next month! :)

  4. midelle
    Twitter: midelle

    I like your ideas on Caden’s first Birthday! You inspired me with your ideas.. I hope you wouldn’t mind if I’ll use some of your ideas like the crepe paper number and banner.. :) Thank you! Keep on inspiring!

    • Susan says:

      Oh of course I don’t mind at all! That’s why I post ‘em :) I’d love to see how they turn out after your all finished!