Disney on Ice!

October 11, 2012 | By More

If you haven’t heard Disney on Ice is here in Charlotte this week! I wouldn’t normally take a 16 1/2 month old to watch something like this but we just had to go because I won FREE tickets from Southern Spark! (By the way she has much better pictures than I do). I’m not the type to win much so of course I was thrilled!!! Then I looked at the time,  7pm Ouch! Right around Caden’s bedtime. But, we decided to take the little man anyways and see what Disney on Ice was all about. (Sorry about the horrible iPhone pictures, I read that you weren’t suppose to bring in a flash camera but apparently with all the flashes in the audience they didn’t care too much! Dang, I knew I should of brought mine in!)

OH MY GOSH! I loved it! We got there a little after it started and at first CK sat on his own chair and just watched. Then he started moving back and forth from my lap and his dad’s. After about half hour of being there he was getting really antsy and tired. I was praying he would just pass out so Nate and I could enjoy the show but that didn’t happen. Over all I wouldn’t bring him to a show like this just quite yet but boy did it get me super excited for when he is older! I can not wait to do all these fun things with him!

And of course CK didn’t leave empty handed. On the way out Caden got his own Woody guy, hat and all! Look how cute he is!


Nate joked afterwards as we were walking out and said “we should of drove separate so you could of stayed and watched it!

Damn it! Why didn’t I think of that! I would have loved to stay and watch the whole show. It’s pretty amazing, even with our seats in the nose bleed section! :)


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