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November 9, 2011 | By More

Apparently from all the comments yesterday you guys agree that it’s important to remember Who came first after you have a baby. I appreciate the feedback and I’m going to try harder not to be too obsessed with the baby.


Speaking of being obsessed … Have I told you lately that I’m obsessed with Pinterest?

I admit it, I have a slight addiction problem. It’s awesome especially in the middle of the night during a feeding. Who needs Words with friends when you have Pinterest.

Ever since I signed up for Pinterest my to -do list has tripled! I love DIY projects. Especially the simple easy ones I can whip up during nap time. I found this Magnet Board and thought it was a great idea. We have a bonus room upstairs in our house which we are turning into a playroom for Caden. I thought this would be great to put up on the walls, it’s educational which I love (that’s my teacher background talking), it’s simple to make and all kids love magnets.

What you’ll need:

  • Oil drip Pan
  • rubber cement
  • Letters / numbers
  • Command Picture hangers
  • scissors

The first thing you need is the Oil drip pan. You can get this at any auto shop (usually). I’d call ahead to make sure. You also want to make sure it’s metal so the magnets will stick. There are different sizes that you can chose from. So if you don’t have a big bare wall to hang this, go ahead and get a smaller one.


 Once you get it in your house, your going to want to clean it off. Any de-greaser will work.  Next, I went to target and got rubber cement (which I got carded for by the way … apparently kids like huffing the stuff?? Boy times have changed) and stumbled across this pad. It’s a dry erase writing tablet.

 I figured I could cut off the writing part and just keep the letters.

Don’t mind the baby faces that’s for another post.

After cutting all the letters out I glued them to the oil drip pan and hung it up!

I put it a little higher then the one I saw on Pinterest.  I wanted it out of his reach until he was old enough to use it.

Baby approved!

And there you have it,  it was super easy to make. I did it while Caden was napping and easily under 30 bucks for everything.

I have more DIY / Pinterest Ideas in the works but …

What else can I add to the walls to make our bonus room a little more kid friendly?

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  1. Amanda @ Sistas of Strength
    Twitter: amandamaryperry

    Love it! So cute. :)

  2. Brittaney says:

    I painted a chalkboard wall in my children’s playroom! Also look for teachers posters of the numbers and shapes on clearance! Babies love color and it wouldn’t hurt to get him used to seeing things like that!