Easter Weekend Recap

April 9, 2012 | By More

Whew! What a fun filled packed weekend! It went by way too fast! As most of you know we got back Thursday morning super early from our trip to California.

Friday morning I woke up feeling extremely dizzy. Dizzy like your wasted, room spinning, trying to go to sleep, need to put one foot on the floor wasted. I got up to go to the bathroom and almost fell over. I never experienced anything like it, well sober. So, of course I went to my Facebook friends for answers. And I found out that it could be a couple different things. Low Blood Pressure, Low Iron, Pregnant, Vertigo, Inner Ear infection, fluid in my ears, dehydration. I made a doctors appointment because my MIL said it could be vertigo and could get worse but I woke up Saturday feeling fine and it hasn’t happened since so I cancelled it. I’m chalking it to Weird and possibly dehydration and something to do with my ears since we just got off the plane. On the way out there my left ear would not pop and it hurt so bad! So maybe on the way back the pressure triggered my ear again. Who knows … all I know is that it was so weird!

Friday afternoon we headed up to my grandparents house because my brother, his wife and their daughter were passing through for the night. Caden and Audrey have not seen each other for a couple of months so I knew it was going to be great seeing them interact with each other now that they are both so mobile.

Cousins do have secret handshakes even at such a young age. :)

Grandpa T is one happy camper with his little grand kiddos.

Saturday we took Caden up to see the Easter Bunny, do some shopping and grab some lunch. This kid LOVED the Easter bunny. He had us all cracking up. The kid in front of us was crying and I was thinking oh great I wonder how he’s going to react. We put him down on the ground and he walked right into the tent where the Bunny was (jazz fingers and all) and he just started grinning and squealing. He walked right up to him, put his head in the Easter Bunny’s lap (hugs) and started talking to him. It was so damn cute, I wish I had it on video!


 Once we got home I started making some Easter cupcakes to bring to my grandparents house thanks to Pinterest! I think they turned out pretty cute!

Yesterday the Easter bunny came and dropped off a basket for Caden. He even hid Easter eggs all around the living room filled with Yogurt Melts, Puffs and Cheetos (CK’s favorite).


Easter Egg Hunt

When he first saw his basket he squealed. I loved watching his little face light up with excitement!

Easter Basket

Gotta love the hair! (and his stained t-shirt)

Easter Morning

We then got cleaned up and headed to my grandparents house again for some Easter Sunday lunch.

Once we got home we relaxed a bit and then I got to cleaning to try and get a jump start on the week.

Today I woke up refreshed with a clean house and ready to kick this weeks a#$. I’m feeling super motivated and really looking forward to getting a ton done this week offline and online! Now if only I could get this much motivation for my running. Hmm…

Quick random question: Where is a good place to get a used jogging stroller?



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  1. Corinne says:

    I bought my BOB stroller on Craigslist. I had to check the website many times but I ended up finding a great deal, great price and the stroller was in very good condition.