Exploding Glass Coffee Table

March 3, 2011 | By More

We had a very exciting night last night, Nate got home from his trip from Texas and all was normal … well until about 330am. We both woke up to a crashing sound and was wandering what in the world is going on downstairs. I’ve heard a crashing noise once before, and this was when Zeus was still alive. One of our picture frames dropped off the shelve and shattered on the floor, hitting our two dogs beds below. Luckily, Zeus and Kala weren’t in them. So first I thought oh shit, another frame fell.

Nate went down stairs and the only thing I heard was What in the hell? So I come down and our coffee table literally exploded all over our living room. I’m talking glass pieces and there were thousands of them everywhere! Every nook and cranny was covered in our living room with glass.

It literally looked like someone had took a sledge hammer and smashed our table. And at first I’m like “no one is in here right?” Because that’s what you would first think right, not that this could have happened all on it own.

What a great wake up right?

So after about half hour of cleaning up and 3 bags later full of glass …

I could not help but try and figure out why in the world this happened. I googled some things online about exploding glass tops and apparently it happens pretty frequently. Because of the temperature, and the way glass is made it will shatter I guess. Who would have thought. I started thinking what may have caused the glass to shatter or if the temperature changed since we have a end table that didn’t. I did have a glass of water sitting on the glass and I did have my computer sitting on the table, it was in sleep mode so it wasn’t hot. But I also did turn off the heat yesterday and our downstairs got down to 65 degrees. So really any of these could have been the culprit but it’s just crazy because we always leave our computers and cups on the table but maybe a combination of all of these did it. Who knows. I mean could you imagine if we were sitting down there, or if Kala was laying under the table like he normally does chewing on a bone. And Thank God, Caden isn’t here yet, I mean what if he was sitting in a swing next to the window or laying on a blanket on the floor. It seriously makes me sick to my stomach to think about. There was glass everywhere even in our couches, someone could have really gotten hurt. So thank God none of that happened and we were all upstairs sleeping. Not to mention that Nate was home … I would have FREAKED out and probably called the cops if I heard that loud bang being home alone. The cops would have shown up and been like what the hell!

Maybe this is god’s way of telling us to get a new table before Caden arrived. We have actually been talking about how bad this table was for a little one and trying to think of some options … looks like we’ll be thinking a little harder and getting a new rug too haha.

I know one thing, I will def. think twice about ever having a glass top table in our house ever again.


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