Front Facing Bookshelve under 20 bucks!

February 16, 2012 | By More

I have been looking around for the best front facing bookshelves for Caden’s playroom. I believe along with lots other moms that having a front facing bookshelf is more enticing to little kids. They see the colorful covers and want to look at them. I’m a huge fan of books, and think it’s extremely important for kids to have them.

Side Note: My mom told me this story the other day about a little girl that was given a book. She had no clue what it was and tried pressing “buttons” on the book. Aft first I thought it was funny, thinking how times have changed. But then I started thinking about how sad it was. And shame on the parents for never giving her a book. It’s not her fault she’s never seen one.

Anyways (as I step down from my soap box), I’ve been wanting to find a front facing bookshelf for Caden. I’ve looked at a bunch of store bought ones which are super cute but expensive. I’m not looking to spend a lot of money on a bookcase when I know it’s probably going to get destroyed. I love this one from Land of Nod, but for $250 bones … I don’t love it that much.

I’ve also looked at DIY projects which are also super cute and pretty cheap. I’ve seen some great ones over on Pinterest. I especially LOVE LOVE the IKEA spice rack bookcases and honestly this was my original plan. But Ikea hasn’t had them in stock in months and they don’t know when they’ll have more. I’ve run out of time and just want to get CK’s playroom finished. But tell me how cute these are  … (clickable pictures)


So since my original plan was crushed I started looking at some other DIY front facing bookshelves and came across some other really cute ones. Thank god for Pinterest right!

I know I’m crafty but I don’t have the time to build stuff and I’m not that good about hanging stuff level. So I actually found this idea from Apartment Therapy that I thought would be perfect for our situation.

Take a normal bookshelf and put crown molding on the bottom so the books don’t slide out. Perfect. Off to the store I went. My first stop was Target. God I love target. I found this awesome 3 tier bookshelf for 19.99. Uh, yes please! I got home, I built it; with the help from my little guy.

 Once I had it up, I thought it’s too deep to put crown molding up, the books will be way in the back and the little guy doesn’t have that long of arms. So instead of spending more money I opted for the easy way out. I use the bottom two shelves to stand up a few books and the top one like a normal book shelf.

This is what we had our books in before:

And now:

It works perfect and Caden loves it. He can see his books on the bottom 2 shelves and the best part; I can rotate books every week.. It’s like Christmas! :)

Moral of this story … Sometimes the most simplest things are starring you right in the face!

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  1. Darci says:

    so innovative!! loved that you worked w/what you had!

    to be honest i had never heard of the whole forward facing shelf before, but it makes total sense! going to move adelyn’s books around on her shelf when i get home tonight!! :)

    • Susan says:

      Yes! Caden is much more into his books now that he can see them. But your right it totally makes sense to have them facing towards them.

  2. Michaela says:

    aw, the pics of Caden are sooo adorable! He really is into books :)

  3. Kristine says:

    This is such a great idea! I didn’t want to mount anything on the walls and the thought of buying more furniture was bugging me- so I actually have 3 of those bookshelves, so this is great! Thanks for sharing.