I bought my son a “girl” toy

September 26, 2012 | By More

I did. I admit it.

You see when we were in NYC visiting my friend Jessi and her daughter, Ela Caden fell in love with her baby doll stroller. He strolled all over the house with it and they got in multiple fights over this thing. Caden has never really seen girl toys before. I mean he has but most of his little friends are boys and well he doesn’t go to daycare so when he saw this stroller he was intrigued. He picked up the baby and hugged it and would put it in the stroller and stroll her around. By the end of the trip he was putting his snack in there, I mean he absolutely loved it. It’s amazing that he knew exactly how to use it.

He has no clue it’s a “girl” toy he just sees mommy and daddy pushing the stroller so he thinks he should to. I kept wondering if I should buy this toy for him or not. At first I was like no, it’s a girl toy. Then I started thinking and what’s wrong with him wanting to push a stroller, sure it’s pink and all but his dad does it all the time. He sees us and all his friend’s mom and dads doing it so he thinks he should too. It really doesn’t make him any less of a boy because of it.

So, I bought it. But I will admit I felt really weird doing it. Here I was buying this stroller for my son and the lady at the checkout line asked if I wanted a gift receipt; I should of said no and that it’s actually for him but I just said no thank you instead.

I mean sure he loves cars, trucks and all the boy things. I mean he is all boy for sure but he is loving his pink stroller. Check out this video, yes he’s chasing the dog around with it but that’s not the point :) We’ve had this stroller for a while now and although Dolly doesn’t get much attention anymore, he usually will pick her up by her feet and throw her to the side, but he still loves pushing around his snacks, stuffed animals and sippy cups.

So, I guess the moral of this post is if my kid wants to play with a girls stroller I’m 100% OK with that. At the end of the day he’ll end up being the best daddy in the world.

What do you think would you ever buy your son (or daughter) a girl (or boy) toy?


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  1. Brittany (Healthy Slice of Life)
    Twitter: Ahealthyslice

    His giggle is too cute! I don’t think it’s weird at all to buy a stroller for a boy. They are all just toys to be played with! If H wants a GI Joe, I’d happily give her one :)

  2. Laurie T.
    Twitter: Laurietomlinson

    I love everything about this post! :) He is so cute!

  3. Natalie P. says:

    You didn’t buy your son a “girl toy”. You bought him a toy. I’m of the firm belief that toys are universal. Yes, babies will have preferences, but that doesn’t make it right or wrong.

    I have every intention of letting my son play with dolls. He already loves his stuffed animals.

    We were at the indoor play space for kids in my town, and he was loving the pink princess play box(with wire trails and activities on the sides). I didn’t tell him “no, that’s for girls”.

    I took pictures.

  4. Emily
    Twitter: emilytsutton

    The stroller totally goes “with” the whole wheels/cars/vehicles thing, I think. Whenever we go to the Parker, Parker must walk over to every parked stroller and try to push it or plays with the wheels. It’s a cool toy! Bet Parker would like one of his own ;)

  5. Erika says:

    There is nothing wrong with it other than that manufacturers don’t make neutral colored strollers – why do they have to be pink?!

    My 1-year old son has a doll that he will carry around, hug and kiss and then throw when he’s done. My favorite toy when I was little was a dump truck.