Let’s get Organized: Pantry {After}

October 29, 2012 | By More

Remember what my pantry looked like before? Not so good huh?

Now that my pantry is finally done and organized I’m here to show you the results. But first I wanted to go over some of the things I WAS going to do.

Plan A: Chalkboard paint on little wood pieces.


After seeing all these gorgeous pantry pictures I was sold on doing the chalkboard paint however, I wanted mine to have that outline like the picture above and I was going to tie it with that twine like rope. Sounds so easy right? I went out and got the wood pieces from Michaels, the chalkboard paint (because I heard it was a lot better then the spray paint) and I also got the chalkboard markers and went to town. I don’t know what went wrong but it was either the paint I used or the chalk marker but it didn’t really work that well on the wood. It smudged and then it was all white. It just looked stupid. (Now that I think about it I should have just painted the whole thing black and used normal chalk.)

So, on to Plan B:Pretty Labels. I found some really cute labels online that I ordered for 10 bucks.

I have the option to type in the words or write them in by hand. However, when I printed them out they were pretty big and not exactly what I was looking for. I think I’ll hold on to these for another room. But on to plan C.

Plan C: Key Ring Labels I jumped on Google and started going through more images of organized pantries and came across this picture of a key ring with a ribbon tied around it and I was sold. 3rd time is the charm right? Let’s hope so because I was getting burnt out on this pantry real fast!


So I went to Staples got a pack of 50 key rings and some ribbon from Michaels and went at it! I liked these so much better then the actual labels because it was a little more subtle. I didn’t want to open my pantry and have it scream OCD. I want it to be organized but not over the top. These seemed perfect because they weren’t too big but definitely got the idea across.


I decided to put all my paper and plastic bags at the bottom and all our paper products (plates, silverware, napkins etc.) up on top. I used the 2nd to lowest shelf for our jars, baking supplies, chips, and little stuff like jello, spice packets, popcorn etc. I used the next shelf up for all of our canned goods and oils, peanut butter etc. The shelf above that has snacks, breakfast items (cereals, pancake mix and oatmeal) and grains.

On the other side I used the bottom shelf for our lunch bags and little coolers that I used when I was breastfeeding. The next two shelves up are for breads and drinks (hot chocolate, tea, juice boxes etc). Then not pictured is all of my husbands protein jars and supplements. I tried my hardest to keep everything off the actual ground for 2 reasons. I have a little one who loves to touch everything and I like having the open floor so it’s easy to sweep under.

I also bought some baskets at Hobby Lobby. They had a sale before they had their grand opening and baskets were 50% off. I bought 3 bigger baskets to hold my baking supplies, chips and CK’s snacks.

I also bought 3 smaller baskets that are great for popcorn,  jello and pudding packs and all those sauce and spice packets we all seem to accumulate.

I have a few jars that we use for flour, sugar etc and I wanted to labels those. I had some paper bags the same color as the ribbon left over from CK’s birthday and I used the same hole punchers I used for CK’s cupcake toppers and got myself some lables! :)

Our pantry was coming along great but something was still missing. I wanted a place to put up a grocery list and stick coupons on. I’m trying to use more coupons but I ALWAYS seem to forget where I put them. So I grabbed a Corkboard from Hobby Lobby for like 5 bucks and 4 letters that spelled out LIST and Bam! My own little spot inside my pantry for a grocery list and coupons. Now when I get a coupon in the mail worth saving I pin it right next to my grocery list so I know exactly where it’s at next time we hit the store!

Now that everything has it’s own little spot, is organized and labeled and I even have my own little place to put my coupons and grocery list. I’d say this space is complete.

What do you think?

Next up on the Let’s Get Organized List is our cleaning supply closet!

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  1. Holly Marie says:

    Wow- love how you labeled everything! Looks great- thanks for the ideas!

  2. Brittney says:

    I’m inspired. My pantry is kind of a wreck, I should do this!

  3. Deena says:

    Love that color blue