New Series: “Let’s Get Organized”

October 12, 2012 | By More

Let’s Get Organized, Organized, … Let’s get Organized

(sung to “Let’s get Physical”. I’m an 80′s baby what can I say!)


Now that we are all moved in I need to get organized. Sure, everything is in it’s right room but not so much in it’s right “spot”. Call me nuts, crazy, what you will but I love being organized. So, instead of me going AWOL again and dipping out on the blog; I figured I would share with you, all my projects that need to get done and create a new series called “Let’s Get Organized.”


So, what kind of projects will I be working on? Pretty much my whole house! Kidding, actually not really.

  • Coat Closet – Hats, Gloves, Shoes, Scarves etc.
  • Drop off Closet – This needs a lot of work
  • Bonus Room / Play Room
  • Attic Storage
  • Bathroom – Under the sink and on top of counters
  • Pantry – Oh I need lots of help on this one!
  • Laundry Room and cabinets
  • Master Closet
  • Cleaning Supply Closet

It’s a lot I know and to be honest I don’t know exactly how long each one will take me; to do research, get my supplies and then make the transformation. I don’t want to rush it because I really want to do a good job organizing the spaces and making them really cute. For those that are really into this stuff this going to be a fun series. For those that could care less, don’t worry I won’t clog up my blog too much.

After much thought about how to go about this new series I decided that there will be 2 posts for each project listed above.

1.) The first one will consist of the “before” shot, my area of concerns and wants for the space and then any inspiration or ideas that I have in mind. I then will include a link up for whoever is interested to show me your space and organizing tips for that particular room. For instance maybe you have an awesome technique on how to organize all your hair accessories or maybe your pantry is amazing and you need to show it off. All you do is take a few pictures, tell me how you did it and write a blog post on your blog. Then share the URL on my blog for everyone to check out OR if you don’t want to dedicate a whole post you can simply share your photo on RLT Facebook page and write a little caption about what you did. Either one is great!

2.) The next post I will show you the “After” photos and how I went about creating the space. I will also be featuring those who helped me out, gave me advice or any inspiration I found around the web!

I’m really excited for this new series “Let’s Get Organized” and I really hope you all will enjoy and participate!  I would love to get this started right away so look for the first project next week! I hope you all have a great weekend; we’ll be visiting my grandparents, picking out pumpkins and enjoying a cookout! But more on that next week! Have a good one!


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  1. Colleen C
    Twitter: Momentspassslow

    I love organizing! I will love this series! Have you been to the blog iheartorganizing ?!?! It’s awesome!! Check it out. She is really cute and sweet and has some awesome ideas for all of the different projects you listed above! Good luck!