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June 27, 2012 | By More

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Now that Caden is getting a little older and he doesn’t necessarily need a nap at 10am everyday I’m starting to be able to get him out of the house in the mornings. Which have been AWE-SOME.

Ready for Library Story Time

This morning I took Caden to story time here at our public library. It’s only about 25 minutes long which is plenty long for Caden, but they read stores, sing songs and at the very end they blow bubbles and gets stamps.We’ve been once before but Caden was really small and he was just exhausted and cranky half way through the class. Now that he’s able to stay up a little more in the morning he’s able to enjoy it more.

He of course loved it and was super social in the class. It took him a whole 2 minutes to warm up before he went up to all the moms and kids to check them out. Once story time started he walked right to the front of the class and stood right in front of the teacher. (What a suck up!) ;)

Huntersville Library Story Time

He would clap, and smile and watch all the other kids move around. He was probably the youngest one in the class which is right up his alley. The only animal sound he makes is a lion so he was really shocked when the whole room started roaring.

Once story time was over I let him roam around the children’s area and of course he finds the biggest stuffed animal in the world! I mean look at the size of this thing!

Huge Teddy Bear

Huge Teddy Bear


To say the least I think we’ll be making this a weekly thing!

Do you attend any events / activities at your local library?



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  1. Erika says:

    Sounds like so much fun! I wish I could but most of the activities at our library are during the day and I work full-time :( They have some stuff on Saturday’s but at 10 months old he isn’t quite old enough to really enjoy them yet.

    • Susan says:

      It is kind of a bummer that they don’t offer their activities at different times. Even staying home we are now after a whole year finally being able to go.