Munchkin Meals (July 4th Edition)

July 5, 2012 | By More

A Healthy Slice of Life

We started off our morning with some red, white and blue breakfast in honor of the 4th of July!


Blueberry and raspberry waffles with some peach Greek yogurt to dip it in.  With a side of bananas and water.



Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla, Watermelon and Whole Wheat Mini Crackers.

After lunch we packed up and headed out to our boat.

Only problem is once we got there our battery wasn’t working so we nixed the boat and headed straight to the pool. We were kind of bummed but excited to get CK in the pool with his new floaties!

At the pool during a swim break CK had a mixture of goldfish, baby fruit snacks and crackers along with some milk; while I enjoyed a nice cold refreshing Bud Light Lime.

After chatting and meeting some new neighbors (I swear everything happens for a reason :)) we headed home for the little guy to take a nap while I did some more packing.


When dinner came around, we realized we had nothing to eat since we are leaving so we decided to go out to eat. And of course I totally forgot to take pictures. Ugh, I’m awful at this. But Caden got a grilled cheese off the kids menu with a side of fruit. He also ate cucumbers and tomatoes off my salad along with some celery sticks that he dipped in ranch dressing.

After we were done with dinner CK kept insisting we go next door to Kilwins to get some Salted Carmel Ice Cream for dessert. Of course, we couldn’t say no and gave in. Boy I’m glad we did. Salted Carmel Ice Cream could possibly be my new favorite!

What’s your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor? Are you an extreme flavorist (cake batter, cotton candy etc.) or do you stick to the basic flavors (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry)?


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  1. Kelly@Runmarun
    Twitter: runmarunblog

    Oh my goodness, your little guy looks so adorable in his 4th of July outfit! It sounds like you had a wonderful day. I am definitely a chunks-in-my-ice-cream kind of gal- and they usually have to be chocolate chunks! ;)

  2. Amanda Perry @ Sistas of Strength
    Twitter: amandamaryperry

    SO CUTE! I used to love cookies and cream ice cream, but I stay away from dairy as much as possible now. I do kind of miss it, but I get coconut milk icre cream occasionally for a treat! :)