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  • What I Learned this Weekend – Every Monday I post a WILTW. It’s pretty self explanatory but in case you didn’t get it. I write about what I learned that weekend :).
  • Featured Friday – On Fridays I’ll post about a product, person or place that I find that I love.
  • Operation 108 – My journey getting back to the old me after gaining 40+ lbs during pregnancy
  • Watch Me Grow – Monthly posts of Caden developing into a little toddler.
  • Series – Every now and again I’ll do a series dedicated to a certain topic. You’ll find this over in the sidebar.
  • DIY Pins – Do It Yourself Pins. Have you heard of a little website called Pinterest? They have some really cool stuff on there and I like to call them my DIY Pins

Shall we begin?

Are you pregnant? Here are my favorite pregnancy posts and tips for you while your cooking that baby! You can find more posts under Pregnancy.

Do you have kiddos already? You’ll find parenting tips and posts about my child and the experiences I’ve had. By no means am I an expert. I mean I only have 1 (so far). But here are a few of my favorite posts on what I’ve learned so far about being a parent! You can find more under the Parenting section on the home page.

Do you have a love for travel and adventures? I do too. Our adventures have changed slightly due to having a certain someone but you’ll still find us traveling a lot and trying to experience new things! You’ll find all our experiences under Travels and Adventures. Not to mention you can find tips on traveling with kids in the Parenting section. Here are a few of my favorite travels before and after baby.

Are you into health / fitness and do it yourself projects? I don’t post a lot on these topics but I do occasionally. You’ll find these posts under Fitness and DIY Pins.

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