No BS: Labor and Delivery

June 8, 2011 | By More

Bringing a child into this world is an exhausting long process with pregnancy and delivery. But every  minute of the aches, pains, and emotional changes is worth it in the end when you see your precious little one for the first time. An overwhelming feeling of happiness comes over you and you realize the love you have for your little one is more than you could ever imagine. Every one who has a child has a story on how they came into this world. Every story is different and every story is just as fascinating as the next.

If you ask most people about labor and delivery they usually tell you oh, it’s not bad. Well, I just went through it a week ago and it’s still fresh in my mind. I’m going to give you the No BS story. I’m not going to sugar coat and will be telling you a play by play. If you don’t want to hear it .. I’d stop reading now. Otherwise, Here’s our story.

It started with my 39 week appointment, I was totally over being pregnant and just wanted Caden with us and wanted to get the show on the road. I actually think my real due date was May 31st. Why, you ask. Well, if you put in my last period in any of the pregnancy calculator my due date is May 31st. And my ovulation is right around the time we .. well … you know. My body is clock work always has been. Not to mention he took his first poop in me so I’m going to chalk it up as “He was done”. At my 39 week appointment my doctor did the membrane sweep. If your body is ready, this can speed up the labor process by getting contractions going. My doctor said if it works you’ll be in labor within the next 24 hours. I had high hopes but was thinking it was too good to be true.

I had contractions throughout the day, however I thought it was because of the sweep. Your usually get crampy and will get  contractions and what not. I went to bed that night thinking, damn it; it totally didn’t work. Well, around 3am I woke up to a really strong contraction, got up to go to the bathroom and noticed something leaking but it was brownish so I didn’t think it was my water. I thought it was from the exam since you can bleed from the cervix checks and membrane sweep. I started getting more contractions and decided to go downstairs and start timing them. Again I’ve been counting contractions for a couple weeks now still didn’t think I was in labor. The contractions were coming every 5 minutes but still they weren’t strong enough for me to think .. this is it. I was still leaking but very slowly. I went back upstairs to wake up Nate and let him know what is going on. He jumped out of bed and was like ok I’m ready. I was like relax, I still have to call the doctor ha! I called the doctor and explained everything and he was asking me a series of questions and timing my contractions. The water was still leaking so he wanted me to go to the hospital and he was going to call the doctor on call. I went back up stairs, got all of our stuff together and off to the hospital we went.

Once we got into the hospital the first thing I heard was a lady screaming at the top of her lungs. It totally freaked me out. The nurse looked at me and asked “Is this your first”. I said yes, she said “Yeah you probably shouldn’t of heard that” Meanwhile, you can hear the father screaming cheering her on. It was quite traumatizing to say the least.

We went to the triage area and she tested the fluid and sure enough it was my water. The only thing it was green, it wasn’t clear. Which means that Baby Caden took his first poop in the womb. This can be an issue if it gets into the baby’s lungs. You don’t want the baby breathing in that sticky, tar like poop. But the doctor reassured me that 90% of the time it’s not a problem and the babies are perfectly healthy. My contractions were actually about 2-3 minutes apart at this time and we were admitted into the hospital around 5 / 5:30am. Nate went down and got all of our stuff. By the way we brought a ton of stuff.

I got all hooked up and got an IV and the nurses took my blood pressure and changed into the labor shirt with my butt hanging out. Then we waited, I did some texting, some face booking, talked to a couple of friends and nurses and just hung out and watched TV. Nate made good use to the boppy pillow.

The nurses and doctor came in and we talked about pain medicine and giving me pitocin to speed up the labor. This being my first pregnancy, you really don’t know how long you’ll be in labor for. I didn’t want to get the epidural right away because I didn’t want it to run out and at that time the contractions were do-able. They decided to give me some other pain medicine which I was hesitate to take because I didn’t want to get sick. But it didn’t make sick nor did it help with my pain once the Pitocin started kicking in. My contractions escalated and it hurt like hell. The doctor wanted me to hold off for 1-2 hours before I got the epidural. They want you to get to 4cm because sometimes the epidural can prolong you labor. My body was trembling because of the pain, not to mention I was having back labor and felt excruciating pain in my lower back. I started crying because I was hurting so bad and let’s just say I didn’t last the whole time. After about 30 minutes, the doctor came in and gave me my epidural.

Ah .. Absolute Heaven! It was complete night and day. I was able to breath again, relax and actually get a little rest. Remind you that contractions are about 2 minutes apart and the contraction it self last about a minute to 90 seconds. Your not getting much rest time in between. At this point I was about 4 cm and after this point it escalated quickly. I went from 4 – 6- 9 cm in no time at all. But right before we started pushing my epidural was running off and that button wasn’t releasing fast enough. Or it was the fact that my contractions were getting worse and worse since we were getting closer and closer to delivery. Again I was feeling everything and felt like I was earlier. I ended up crying again because of the pain. (If I’m crying because I’m in pain, that’s a bad sign). The doctor came back and gave me some more feel good juice. This time I could feel my legs but not as much as the first time. And before I knew it, we were starting to push.

Little did Nate nor I know that he was going to be up close and personal for this whole labor and delivery. It was only him, the nurse and I in the room the whole time I was pushing. I pushed for 2 hours! 2 hours of pushing for 10 seconds in sets of 3. Caden would come down the birth canal but when I rested he would go back up a little bit. I rested between contractions and watched a little bit of Malcom in the middle, no clue what the episode was about just remember it being on. Nate held one foot, while the nurse held the other and I pushed, and pushed and pushed. It literally feels like your going number 2. If you feel like your going to poop on the table your pushing correctly. And for the people who want to know if women poop while pushing … how in the world can you not! Your using every single muscle in your body to bear down and push that baby out. That baby along with everything else that is in your system is coming out, no doubt about that.

As soon as Caden stayed down, the nurse was suppose to call the doctor to come in. Well, it was a record breaking day at the hospital and instead of delivering 4 babies, which they do daily; there were 8 deliveries that day. 4 of which were born within half hour from each other. With only 1 doctor, it was kind of crazy. The nurse called in “we are going to need the doctor here soon”. The doctor was in the next room delivery a baby. At this point my body was automatically just pushing. The nurse told me to keep doing what I was doing and if I feel the need to push then I should. She called again, “We are going to need the doctor, nurses and the NICU nurse” She was still finishing up the delivery. My body has taken over at this point and I can not help but continuously push this baby out. Nate is internally freaking out because it’s him and the nurse and he doesn’t want to deliver the baby. The nurse called in a 3rd time, at this point I can hear the intensity in her voice saying that we need nurses now. And she was telling me to try and NOT push. I was like what? Are you kidding me? This baby is coming if you like it or not, and I couldn’t help but  keep pushing.

Let’s just say the doctor came in at the right time, nurses filled the room; the doctor walked in had 2 seconds to put on gloves and out Caden came. They held him before they cut his cord and didn’t want to stimulate him because of the meconium so they cut the cord which was wrapped around his neck two times. She said there’s two cord, I’m like what? Please tell me I didn’t have two babies in there. They took him and the NICU nurse suctioned out his mouth and then they stimulated him to cry. It was music to my ears. They did the testing and put the gunk in his eyes, weighed him and Caden peed on the nurse hehe. Nate was over there taking some pictures, while I was getting all fixed up.

Once they were finished with that they brought him over to lay on my chest. I fell in love instantly. He cried for a few moments and then calmed down once I started talking to him. My little peanut was finally here! It was a feeling of relief, joy, happiness .. you name it I was feeling it! I was in labor from start to finish from 3am when my water broke to 4:43pm.

The aftermath: Well there’s lots of blood, some diapers (not the babies … yours) aches and pains.  The second day is the worst because your entire body is sore from all the pushing. Every muscle in your body. The healing process is definitely not the best time. I mean come on you just squeezed this baby out of your crotch .. things aren’t going to be pretty. Your super sore everywhere and your belly feels so weird with nothing in it. Especially it being so hard towards the end of pregnancy. You’ll be scared to take your first bowel movement. I was petrified thinking it was going to hurt like hell. But it doesn’t, everything comes out just fine afterwards :)

So all in all, I’m not going to lie to anyone; it’s painful. The worst pain I’ve felt ever, however the moment that baby is out. Everything disappears and the only thing your concentrated on is your baby. All the pain you felt, goes away. All the worries you have, disappear.  It’s a sense of relief and calmness like no other.

Have I forgotten the pain, hell no; at least not yet. Will I forget? Probably. Would I do it all over again? In a heartbeat! Every ache, pain, needle etc. … is so, so, so worth it.

Nate and I couldn’t be happier with our little angel. As Nate says 6lbs 12oz. of pure awesomeness!

And there you have it, the story on how Caden came into this world. Feel free to ask any questions, especially if your a first time mom. I too wanted to know everything about labor and asked tons of questions to friends who had gone through it. Not knowing what to expect is probably the hardest part. But fair warning, if you ask I will tell. :)


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  1. Jenny
    Twitter: JennyBrewton

    Nicely done Sus!! I think tons of first time Mom’s, myself included, appreciate your honesty. Even though I know it’s going to be tough, I literally cannot wait the 3 more weeks I have until I get to go through the same thing!

    • Susan says:

      It’s an amazing experience, I can’t wait for you to go through it too and hear your story. EVerything is sooooo worth it to hold and stare … for a long time at something you and partner created. The baby is one amazing push present :) Can’t wait to see baby Garrett!

  2. Deena says:

    Wow… what a journey it’s been for you! you really discribed it like no one else has… you left nothing out & I’m sure that’ll be so helpful to expecting Moms. Beautiful pictures! Hope to see you 3 soon!

    • Susan says:

      Deena, I figured if I was going to tell the story … I might as well tell the story. There are few details I spared ha-ha but not many :) I hope see you guys soon too … we’ll have to plan something!

  3. Brittany @ A Healthy Slice of Life
    Twitter: Ahealthyslice

    Love the play by play! I’ll probably read it 3847320 more times before September :)
    Caden is perfect and I’m so happy for yall! Can’t wait to join you in motherhood in a few months, then get our bodies back and meet for play dates!

  4. Cameron says:


    Found your blog this week, and what a delight it has been to read about your journey. I am starting my 17th week of pregnancy, and I cannot tell you how nice it was to read a no BS story about labor. I was gasping last night and my husband was on the verge or taking the blog away from me!!
    What a beautiful reward at the end though. I look forward to reading more about your journey as a new mom, congrats!

    • Susan says:

      No, He can’t take the blog away ha-ha! Congratulations on your pregnancy! That’s awesome, I too was so freaked out about labor and delivery especially earlier on in my pregnancy, I seriously had some anxiety about it, plus I hate needles. But honestly as you get closer to your due date and the more uncomfortable you get; the more excited you are about getting the show on the road. I was so happy going into the hospital. You’ll do great! I’m looking forward to following your journey as well! Take Care!