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July 25, 2012 | By More

We made it to Ohio and we’re all settled. I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday. I feel like my mind is going 80 miles a minute (does that even make sense) and I have a ton to do but can’t focus on a single thing.

Ever find yourself saying “Note to self, Don’t …” I’ve been saying that to myself quite alot lately. Check out some of my Notes to myself!

Note to self: PMS symptoms are the same as pregnancy symptoms. I swear I was pregnant twice these last two months. Even my smell increased; how the hell does that happen with PMS?

Note to self: Leave early, like real early for a trip up to Ohio.We left a little late this time, like 5:30 instead of 4. Caden didn’t sleep that long at all and luckily we had the iPad but it’s better if he sleeps.

Note to self: Download a MOVIE versus 25 minutes TV episodes on Caden’s iPad. Every 25 minutes I would have to get up, restart another episode; for 8 hours!! Not cool!

Note to self: Don’t trust my memory, always, always write stuff down!

Note to self: When Baby is naked, he will poop on the floor :)

Hope you all are doing well on this crazy Wednesday and getting a ton done! I’m off to try and get something accomplished today :)


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  1. Colleen C
    Twitter: Momentspassslow

    GAH! Floor poop?!?! Ewww

  2. Lisa says:

    How come your posts don’t show up in my google reader anymore? I stopped reading because when im at work i cannot see the page in a browser!!

  3. Niki says:

    The whole pregnancy thing vs period. AGREE 10000000%!!!! We’ve been trying to get pregnant since January, with no luck of course. But every month I’m like “Oh I think I’m pregnant.” At this point my husband is just like “Wait and see… You say that every month!”