On the Road Again … Almost

January 17, 2012 | By More

It’s that time again to pack up and hit the road.  I woke up this morning with every intention of writing a Food For Baby post but then realized I’m leaving tomorrow morning and still need to pack myself, my kid and my dog for this long haul up north.

I’m a little nervous … I’ll be by myself and we are bound to hit some snow.

I’m not so worried about the snow part because well, driving in snow is like riding a bike. You never forget. But what’s going to suck is trying to make pit stops. I have a bladder the size of a pea, I like to stop pretty frequently on road trips. I don’t know about you but I can never fall asleep if I have to pee even the slightest bit. It’s like my mind won’t stop focusing on it which in turn makes me need to pee even more! Is that weird?

Luckily, I won’t be sleeping on this trip. But in all reality I will have to pee at some point, CK will need to eat and Kala will need to poo. I mean it’s life, but hopefully since we are leaving in the weeee morning hours we won’t have to make too many pit stops and CK will sleep the majority of the way. I’ll let you know how it goes once we get there … Wish me Luck!

So I’m off to find CK some boots and continue my packing … but first I need some help.

Where can I find some baby boots??


Have you ever took a road trip with a 7.5 month old?

How did you keep them occupied?



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  1. Jenny
    Twitter: JennyBrewton

    Boots from Children’s place although Babies r us has them too. And we bought a DVD player for the car that you can strap onto the headrest so G could watch his Baby Einstein videos to take up a half hour or so at a time. That may help especially because you’re drying by yourself. Good luck with the drive and have fun in Ohio!!

  2. Cindi
    Twitter: scubacindi

    I bought Molly 2 pair of boots from Target. Be safe! & have fun!!!