One Hell of a Week

July 31, 2012 | By More

This past week has been nothing but bad luck for the Kennedy household. We traveled up to Ohio last week and of course the first day we were there Nate got in an accident. Luckily no one was hurt but now our car needs a little fixer upper. Next, Caden and Nate both caught the stomach bug. It only lasted a couple days for Nate but Caden; boy did he get the raw end of the deal. He had diarrhea for about a week and because he was going so much he ended up getting diaper rash. He got diaper rash so bad that it hurt for him to even go. I felt so bad for him and tried doing all that I could. But unfortunately you just have to kind of wait it out; along with some baking soda baths and cream.

Nate went up to Put-n-Bay for a guys weekend and was sick the whole time. He had a blast (insert sarcasm here). He came back on Sunday and Caden was just miserable. He had a slight fever and at that point we all just wanted to get back home. So we left early afternoon and took the long haul home.

That was fun. A sick, cranky baby for 8 hours. Sounds about right for the week we were having. Now, we are home and the stomach bug has subsided but after our doctor visit yesterday it seems that he has caught another virus on top of the stomach virus. I mean seriously this kid can not catch a break.

He wouldn’t nap yesterday here at home so I took him in the car and drove around to look at houses. Why not kill two birds with one stone right?

At this point I didn’t care what I had to do, he needed to sleep. It worked like a charm!

Last night was complete hell. He would fall asleep for like a half hour and wake up in a pool of sweat. After multiple attempts to get him back to sleep I finally called it a night and took him to bed with us. He slept great (apparently he just wanted his momma) until about 3am and just could not get comfortable. After giving him some milk, some more medicine, he finally fell back asleep in his own bed until about 8am.

On a better note!

Caden is finally wanting to eat today and he’s a little more talkative and “happy”. I’m hoping this is a sign that the virus is on it’s way out. Right now he’s napping in his crib which is a great sign since yesterday he wasn’t having it.

Nate is feeling much better as well. But how can he not when he just got a new car! He’s a proud new owner of a BMW 750. I mean seriously this smile says it all.

Here’s to the rest of the week looking up!

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  1. Joanna @ Midwestern Bite
    Twitter: MidwesternBite

    :( to being sick
    :) to new cars
    :/ to hoping the rest of the week is better

  2. emily
    Twitter: emilytsutton

    So sorry, Susan! :( poor CK. Hope he’s better. Sounds like a hell of a week.