Our Family


That’s Me, Susan.

Wife. Mom. Blogger.

You’ll find me writing here at least 3 times a week. I usually write about our everyday living, the growth of our family, parenting and any new experiences we may face. We don’t travel as much as we use to but traveling is still a huge part of our lives so you’ll find me writing about that as well! When I’m not blogging or taking care of our kiddo you’ll find me hanging out with friends and meeting new moms and bloggers. I love meeting new people. I also love photography, Pilates, beaches, boating and relaxing with a cocktail in hand. (We SAHM need breaks too!)

That’s My Hubby, Nate!

Amazing Husband. Even Better Dad.

He’s an internet marketer and owns his own business. Let’s just say he’s a pretty smart guy and I’ve learned a ton from him about the internet world. He works hard so I can stay home with the little dude. Because he’s an internet marketer and owns his own business it allows him to work from anywhere which is pretty cool because we can travel whenever, where ever we want. I honestly count my blessing everyday and he’s the blessing I cherish the most. Without him the life I live would never exist.

Our Kiddos, Caden and Lydia


Our Blessings.

Our Doggie, Kala

Obedient. Alpha Male. Chill.

Kala is our lab mix, he’s been around even before me. (Nate got him way before we met). He’s a great dog, loves people and some exclusive doggie friends. He hates thunderstorms, rabbits, squirrels and other alpha male dogs. He’s such a trooper and amazing family pet!