Pregnancy #2: 10 Weeks

November 30, 2012 | By More

Well here it is, my first pregnancy update on number 2. (well besides my ultrasound from 7 weeks that I just posted yesterday) It’s still kind of weird to think we are actually having another baby. Right now it seems like an eternity before I get to hold and feel our little one. I feel like we have so much time but I guess that is good because well, we have lots to do before our family expands.

First before I get into the whole update about peanut I’m going to attack some of those most common questions asked when you first get pregnant. You know what I’m talking about; these ones.

Were you trying? Yes, we started “whatever happens, happens” when CK turned one. But after about three or  four months of not getting pregnant I started thinking that maybe it was going to be harder this time around. So, I picked up an OPK (ovulation predictor kit) and sure enough I was ovulating a lot sooner then I thought. We ended up getting pregnant the same month I took the tests.

Are you finding out the sex? Come on now, of course we’re finding out the sex. I’m a planner and I need to plan another nursery! When we moved in we didn’t do anything to CK’s room (nursery) because we knew it was only a matter of time before he moved into his big boy room. So, I’m really looking forward to decorating both the nursery and CK’s big boy room.

Which would you rather have a boy or girl? You know this is a hard one, I really can’t decide. Of course either way I want the baby to be healthy that’s a given. But, if I could pick I really have no idea which I would chose. Some days I think girl, because it would be great to have both but then other days it would be cool for CK to have a brother too. I’ll be happy with either sex, that I know for sure.

What do you think you’re having? I don’t even want to say anything yet but I do lean towards one sex then the other. I have no idea why. But then there are other times I just don’t know. I had multiple dreams of boys when I was pregnant with CK and just knew I was going to have a boy.  I haven’t had any dreams about any girl babies. I did have a dream about twin boys before we found out my sister in law was pregnant with twins. She is actually due around the same time as me! And I am one excited Auntie! So, I think I’m having a  ….. but I’m not saying just yet.


How far along? Can you believe I’m 10 weeks already? Only a couple more weeks of the first trimester.

Weight Gain: Good question, I have no idea. 

How I’m feeling / symptoms: Most of the time I’m good, except extremely tired. I usually will take a nap when CK goes down for his. I got nausea in the very beginning and then I’ve been feeling pretty well except for the last couple of days I’ve been getting nausea with headaches at night. I am also feeling slight cramping in my lower stomach along with a little back pain. I’m assuming and hoping it’s just my ligaments starting to stretch again.

Cravings: Salty, Spicy and carb loaded foods are my best friend right now. I had some pretzel bread from Harris Teeter the other day and almost fell over it was so good! And those buffalo pretzel chips; I die. Buffalo chicken wraps, those are pretty damn good too!

Maternity Clothes: Not yet but I’m not afraid to bust them out early this time around. Luckily I’ll be pregnant the same exact seasons that I was pregnant with CK so most if not all of my maternity clothes should fit.

Belly Button: Normal, innie.

Sleep: My hips are already feeling it when I sleep and I’ve already busted out the Prego pillow. It’s heaven I tell you. Heaven.

Exercise: I’m trying to get to the gym twice a week while CK is in school. I’m not doing anything crazy just walking on the treadmill. I’m currently looking into a prenatal yoga class to hopefully go to at least once a week after I finish my first trimester.

Movement: Not yet, little guy or girl is still really small. Although I did feel CK really early so I’m hoping I can feel this one early as well.

What I miss: My energy. I feel really unproductive when I’m exhausted.

What I’m looking forward to: Getting another sneak peak at our peanut in 2 weeks!

 Milestone: Double Digits baby!


What they say is true. You pop out way earlier then your first one.

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  1. So exciting! I am really itching to get pregnant again, but the hubs isn’t quite there yet. I keep reminding him that he would still have 40 weeks to get used to the idea, so I’m hoping sometime this year :)