Weekend with the Baran’s

August 27, 2011 | By More

Nate went to our friends wedding this past weekend, I really wanted to go too but we thought traveling two weekends in a row would be a little too much for Caden. So as much as I wanted to go I stayed back and one of my best friends Jessi came to visit with her daughter Ela.

I was so excited to see her, I hadn’t seen her since my visit to New York when I was about 8 or 9 weeks pregnant. So needless to say I was pumped to see her and finally meet sweet baby Ela. I mean come on … look at this face!



She came in Friday morning and we hung out, went to grab something to eat and walked around the neighborhood and went shopping. It was pretty exhausting trying to go anywhere due to their schedules not being the same. But we managed and had a great time.

Saturday we hit up Babies R Us and filled up a little baby pool. It’s perfect for the young ones. I mean seriously only a couple inches of water fit in it and the kids loved it! Best 5 bucks ever spent!

It was awesome getting the two kids together, Caden loved watching Ela play and crawl. It’s like he was taking notes .. “Oh, so that’s how you do that.” Ela loved Kala every time she would see him she would just laugh. It was awesome having her in the house and it gave me a glimpse of what the future will be like in 4 months! I can not wait! Seeing her crawl around our house and start pulling up on things was so cute.

I learned three things from her and Jessi’s visit …

1.) Our house is not baby proof what so ever

2.) Crawling and beginning to walk stage is super exhausting

3.) Crawling and beginning to walk stage is so cute and so fun. And I am SO excited to see Caden go through these stages.

I know people think I’m crazy but I am so excited for when he is mobile :) It was great having her here and I wished they lived closer but I know we’ll be making lots of future play dates .. Next one will be in New York!

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