What I DID this weekend

August 27, 2012 | By More

Instead of the typical What I Learend this weekend I thought we’d switch it up a bit!

What I did this weekend

We went out to a nice family dinner. After work on Friday we ate at the Flat Iron Grill for a little family dinner. On our way out we were stopped by a couple who commented on CK’s iPad. They were so intrigued how he sat through dinner the whole time and said they had a 20 month old and they haven’t been able to go out to dinner with him ever since he was born! They both looked at each other and said we have got to try that! I really hope it works out for them, being able to go out to dinner with my family is huge in my book.

I got my hair did! Not the greatest picture but you catch my drift! I love getting my haircut; because I have such thick hair it literally feels like weight has been lifted from my shoulders!

We hit up the lake. We were suppose to go out on our boat but realized on our way up to the boat that our keys were inside my car, at the shop that wasn’t open till Monday! Luckily The Brewtons were nice enough to welcome us on their boat. It was great catching up, drinking some beers and letting the little ones play.

We had movie night. After the boat we went up to Mooresville for some Mexican and headed home for a movie on the couch! We watched The Change Up. Life is never greener on the other side!

We went on a family hike. We wanted to do something fun and different with the family so yesterday we decided to go hiking up Crowders Mountain which is about 45 minutes south of us. It was fun, Caden totally passed out within 5 minutes. And although Kala is limping around and Nate’s hips are sore it was a good family outing!

We got to witness my brothers excitement over his new car. The face says it all!

Now we’re starting the week off right and getting ready to take on NYC this weekend!

What did you do this weekend?

Anything fun?

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  1. Jenny says:

    We had so much fun with you guys on the boat on Saturday! Unfortunately, our upstairs AC was out when we got home from the lake so we waited around for the AC guy to come and fix it. Luckily, it was just a wire that burnt and it was a quick fix. Otherwise, I watched Hunger Games…deep cleaned my fridge, spent time with my family and got ready for the week!

  2. emily
    Twitter: emilytsutton

    Oooh have fun in NYC! Are you taking a carrier? We found strollers to be useless when trying to GET underground to subways – elevators seemed to be hard to find!

    • Susan says:

      No I didn’t end up bringing a carrier, the only one CK would go in is our backpack one and that is way too bulky to bring on a plane. My friend lives in Brooklyn and everything is in walking distance so the stroller worked out great! But I’m sure it was a pain with the subways luckily we didn’t have to take any.