What I Learned this Weekend

May 14, 2012 | By More

Hope you all enjoyed your Mothers Day yesterday! I know I did!!

I Learned this Weekend that

  • I love Mothers Day so much it might be my new favorite holiday. I loved spending time with Nate and Caden and have never felt more needed and loved in my life. It was awesome.

  • Caden’s birthstone is a Pearl. Him and his daddy got me beautiful flowers and gorgeous earrings with his birthstone on them. Nate said this way anytime I’m out I can always remember him. :)  How sweet is that? I love that “they” put some thought into the gift, it means so much more then just receiving any pair of earrings.

  • Caden might be afraid of heights. He has climbed up the stairs before and had no problems but now he will not climb up them. When I put him in the middle of the steps he starts breathing really heavy, looking backwards and then starts whining and crying. He looks terrified and clings on really tight to my fingers or shirt. It’s so weird because he’ll climb up the deck stairs outside or the front porch stairs but not the main ones. Nate isn’t a fan of heights so maybe he got it from his dad?!?!

What do you think, can a baby be afraid of heights?


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  1. Jenny
    Twitter: JennyBrewton

    Yay for thoughtful Mothers Day surprises! Love the earrings they are beautiful! I absolutely think babies can be afraid of heights. Perhaps it’s a phase and it will pass but you never know

  2. Amanda Perry @ Sistas of Strength
    Twitter: amandamaryperry

    Ahhh…look at those legs. :) (Looks quite familiar to what I am used to seeing!). Love it! Happy Mother’s Day.

  3. Brittany (Healthy Slice of Life)
    Twitter: Ahealthyslice

    What sweet gifts from your two men! I don’t know if babies can be afraid of heights, but I don’t like heights myself, so I feel Caden on that one :)

  4. Cindi
    Twitter: scubacindi

    Those earrings are gorgeous! And the flowers! You definitely were spoiled – and deserve it too :)

    Molly goes through phases where she’s terrified of different toys, sounds, etc. So I bet it’s just a short phase!

  5. Nancy Satterwhite says:

    He went to Jareds! They are beautiful Susan….the flowers are beautiful and so is that picture of you and Caden……So proud of you – you are a great mom!

    Love you, Mom