What I Learned this Weekend

June 11, 2012 | By More

We went to Caden’s 12 Month wellness visit this morning. Check out his 12 Month Post for updated details!


I Learned this Weekend (and today) that:

  • It’s 100% acceptable to go with your motherly instinct (or fatherly) and push back your child’s vaccinations a 2nd time because they are sick.   I am always super cautious about Caden getting vaccines when he’s sick.  And I know that most Drs. say that it’s OK as long as they aren’t running a fever. But I still get nervous. Their little bodies are still working over time fighting off something, even if it is just the common cold. So, even though Caden’s cold is almost done and I kind of feel like an over-protective mother I still don’t feel comfortable letting them get his shots until he’s 100% better. (Especially since two of the vaccinations he is suppose to be getting this time around are live.)

Hosting a Surprise Trip is Fun. I told Nate and Caden yesterday that I am taking them to a surprise destination to celebrate Fathers Day! It’s going to be a blast and I’m really looking forward to spending time with our lil’ fam. (If you’re one of the few that know where we are going …. Shhhhhh!)

Not all things need to be public. As a blog writer I put my whole life out there for the internet to see. You’ve seen of our travels, our wedding, my pregnancy and our growing family. The other night when I was finishing up a letter I wrote to Caden and about to post it on my blog I realized that not everything needs to be public. There are some things in our life that need to be kept private. This is one of them. … Plus, do you really want to read about how much I love my son and think he is the coolest kid in the world? I doubt it. :)

Highchairs are not just for eating anymore! He loves rides. I’m making my prediction right now; this kid is going to love Amusement Parks!

I have got to get a weekly menu going. I have been meaning to start a menu for awhile now and all of a sudden Monday night rolls around and I’m stuck trying to figure out something for us to eat; which in turn becomes an unhealthy decision. So, this week my goal is to get in the kitchen and get organized. First up: A Weekly Menu!

Have a Great Week!



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  1. Alex says:

    You should post how you do your meal planning! It’s always helpful to see how others do it.