What I learned this Weekend

August 13, 2012 | By More

I Learned this Weekend

  • I am going to train myself to become a morning person. After all of your inspiring comments from Fridays post I want to be a morning person, I think I can do it! I wanted to start today but this weekend kicked my booty and I needed a little extra rest today. But, tomorrow; tomorrow is a new day!
  • Date night is Fun. On Friday we set up a sitter so Nate and I could have some time together. We decided to check out a restaurant in Mooresville called the Epic Chop House.

It was delicious! Afterwards we met up with some new friends.


We stayed out WAY passed my bed time and I kept wanting to leave because I knew life would be hell the next day. We didn’t get home till way after 1am but to my surprise the next morning wasn’t too bad.

  • Looking at houses never gets old! Although can be exhausting.
  • Birthday Parties are a blast. Caden thoroughly enjoyed himself at Luke’s 1st birthday! The older all these kiddos get the more they interact; it’s so cute!

  • We have a little captain on our hands! Sunday we took the boat out. I mean seriously look at his technique! Looking straight ahead, one hand on the wheel and his snack in the other! He looks like a pro to me!

  • I love a nice sale, especially for new Fall decor! Originally 36 bucks all for 14!

What did you learn this weekend?


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  1. Jenny
    Twitter: JennyBrewton

    Oooh, love the new fall decor! For some reason I’m even more excited for fall this year than I have been before…maybe because it puts me closer to meeting my newest little man! I agree it so fun to watch the kids interact now that they’re getting older!

  2. Amanda Perry @ Sistas of Strength
    Twitter: amandamaryperry

    Good luck with becoming a morning person. It has changed my life (for the better). I love going to bed early and getting up to start my day early. :)