What’s In My Diaper Bag: 6 Month Edition

May 9, 2012 | By More

Last week we had Erin tell us everything that she thought she was going to need for her diaper bag when her little one arrives, speaking of which I wonder if she’s had her baby yet? I might have to check up on her! This week we have Hallie opening up her bag for her OMG adorable (just look at the pics below) 6 month little lady, Molly.

Take it away Hallie ….


Hi all! My name is Hallie and I am a stay at home/work from home first time Mom. When I am working I am an Account Executive for a web development company and I work out of my home office here in Dallas, Texas. My husband, Chase, is a chiropractic student at Parker University. We had our first baby, a daughter named Molly, on November 10th of last year. She turns 6 months old tomorrow! Yikes…time is flying! I write a blog called ChasingHallie about our life and daily adventures.

The past 6 months have been crazy! Lots of ups and downs and some really emotional and stressful moments, but we are loving being parents and wouldn’t trade this adventure in for anything! So without further ado, “Whats in my diaper bag?” you ask…

We will start with the bag itself. I actually just got this bag a couple weeks ago after being unhappy with my first bag. I made the switch because I wanted something a little more purse like since its all I carry around these days. The bag is from Babymel and I purchased it from Amazon (we get a shipment from Amazon almost everyday! thank goodness for the Prime account, a good investment for any new mom). It has great inside pockets for all of Molly’s things and handy outside pockets for some of my stuff. It also has a handy insulated bottle carrier area on the side. One of my favorite things about this bag is the strap – you can shorten it and wear it on one shoulder or lengthen it and wear it cross body. And its actually comfortable!

As to what is inside? Well that is when it really gets good. These items have changed a bit since Molly was born and has grown but they all have their role. I never thought I would carry around a bag with so. much. stuff. but then you realize “what if X happens?” and you have to be prepared.

The Essentials

Nothing too glamorous here. These items are why diaper bags exist, to remove that dirty diaper and replace it with a clean one.

1. Wet bag- for the dirty diaper when we aren’t near a trash can or when we are but its not really a place where its okay to dump a super smelly poopy diaper in the trash so everyone else has to suffer.
2. Changing pad- this one came from the original diaper bag and I prefer it over the new one. Its simple, folds up easily and flat and does the trick.
3. Wipes- Huggies. Nothing special here.
4. Diapers- We always try to keep 4 or 5 in the bag. And believe me, we have left the house with only 1 on accident and we will never make that mistake again. They are Pampers size 2.

The Extras

These are the items I didn’t originally have from day one but have made their way into the bag and for good reason.

4. Extra onesie- this is key. Do not leave this out of your bag. We had to basically wrap Molly in a t-shirt because she had an epic blowout and we had no backup.
5. Sun hat- we live in Texas and its hot and sunny most of the time. I was chastised by my husband when I let Molly get a small sunburn on her head. That won’t happen again.
6. Sling- a simple sling that I can toss over my shoulder and sit Molly in if we are out and about and she is over her carseat. And by “over” I mean screaming like a mad woman!
7. Blanket- since its summer we don’t use this much, but it comes in handy to block the sun if she falls asleep in her car seat or to use as a pillow in those super hard plastic changing tables in the restrooms.

The Goods

A few small things to get me through the day.

8. Pen- always good to have one on hand.
9. Baby Sunscreen- the stick form is excellent and easy to apply on the go. Its the CVS brand version of Neutrogena Pure and Free Baby.
10. Lip Gloss- for when I decide to look a little more put together for the day.
11. Gum- fresh breath is always important.
12. Hand Sanitizer- do you know how difficult it is to change your baby’s diaper, in a bathroom, with one hand on the baby and one digging in the diaper bag? How the heck am I supposed to wash my hands!?
13. Kleenex- I actually have 3 packs of these in the bag. Good for excess drool, snotty noses, spills and my husbands insane allergies.

The Entertainers

An ever revolving handful of toys. I will switch these out almost every time we walk out the door depending on what we are doing, where we are going and what toy she has favorited that day. These keep her busy in the car, at restaurants and while cruising through the supermarket. We don’t leave home without them.

That is the diaper bag. Who knew you needed so much stuff for such a pint size little baby girl.

And for those of you wondering, my husband does rock this bag from time to time when we are out together but he has a daddy diaper bag as well. Its this classic messenger bag from Timbuk2 and it looks much more manly so he can keep his dignity.


Hallie you are doing a great job being prepared. Sun hats and blankets are my 2 things I forget the most when I’m packing his bag. I need to get a hat that stay permanently in the bag and then I wouldn’t have that problem.

What is your one diaper bag item that you ALWAYS tend to forget?

  Thanks so much Hallie for opening up your bag to us!

You can find Hallie over on her blog Chasing Hallie or connect with her on Twitter and Pinterest! Now go show her some love!


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    Thanks so much for letting me share and open up my diaper bag!