What’s in my Diaper Bag: Newborn Edition

May 2, 2012 | By More

Thanks for all the concerns for Caden yesterday. Last night we had a pretty hard night but only because I really think Caden gets hyper on Tylenol. He was up at 10:30 shaking his head and dancing to Lullaby music. WTH. He usually wants to crash around 7 but didn’t fall asleep until 11:30. After he fell asleep he slept good and didn’t need any Tylenol or Motrin throughout the night nor did he sweat like he did two nights ago. This morning his temp is back to normal and he has a little rash so I’m thinking that this little virus is on its way out. If there is anything good that comes out of having a sick child it’s that my entire house gets a big ‘ole scrubbing. I’m talking sheets, toys, door knobs the whole nine yards! But enough about that.

Today is the start of the new mini series What’s in my Diaper Bag! First up I thought it would only be appropriate to start with a newbie. Erin is expecting her first baby this month! So I thought it would be fun to see what she thinks shes going to need. Without further adieu here’s Erin!


Hi everyone! My name is Erin and I’m a wedding photographer (Erin McCoy Photography) living near Jacksonville, FL. I actually shot Susan & Nate’s wedding in Charleston last year :) My husband & I are expecting our first baby very soon!!! The pregnancy has been great so far – none of the typical symptoms that I read about, but I chalk that up to staying active & eating pretty well. I kept working until about 2 weeks ago, which kept me busy & definitely wore me out enough to help me sleep through the night. Please don’t think I’m trying to brag! I’m assuming that since the pregnancy was so easy I’ll get payback during labor ;)

Our son is due on May 9 (any day now…), so this diaper bag is really a “best guess” newborn bag for a first-timer. I have packed & repacked this thing SO many times (seriously, is there anything more boring than wait to go into labor?!) but I think it’s good enough to at least get us home from the hospital.

Our diaper bag is the Skip Hop Bento. It has stroller clips, insulated side pockets for drinks, tons of interior pockets, and a zippered compartment on the bottom with an insulated snack container. Plus, it’s black & silver so my husband won’t be ashamed to carry it occasionally. I have high hopes for this bag!!

In the bag:

  • 2 blankets (Aden + Anais & Sir Bubbadoo)
  • wet bag for dirty cloth diapers (Planet Wise)
  • travel changing pad & wipes case (Skip Hop)
  • lanolin, a Tide pen, & baking soda freshener
  • onesies & pants
  • bibs & burp cloths
  • hats, mittens, & socks
  • cloth diapers (Rumparooz)
  • breast pads (not pictured)

I tend to over pack, so I decided to take the minimalist approach with this bag, knowing that we’ll be adding more as we figure out what life with a newborn entails. We’re going to be using cloth diapers once we get out of the hospital – I have several different kinds but the one he’s wearing home from the hospital are called Lil Joey by Rumparooz. They are adorable & even have a snap down for the umbilical cord stump. Since we are using cloth diapers, we have to carry a wet bag which has a waterproof lining & also contains the smell. It could also be used for any wet/dirty clothes, like after a day at the beach.
The elephant blanket is handmade by Sir Bubbadoo on Etsy. I’ve been obsessed with her stuff for ages & am so excited my mom got this blanket for us. It won’t stay in the diaper bag, it’s really just for photos in the hospital & to bring him home with. I’m sure it will be a crib & stroller blanket once he gets old enough. The other is a muslin swaddling blanket, which is really light & airy. Love!

Everything else in the bag is pretty boring. I brought 3 onesies because I’m not sure what the hospital provides when we’re there… and also, I just want to have a few outfits to choose from ;) I also packed some socks, mittens, & caps just in case. I know it’s WAY too hot for pants right now, but I couldn’t picture putting him in a car seat without something to protect his legs from the straps.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything really important!! The breast pads, lanolin, & Tide pen are just in case – and the little baking soda air freshener is nice to have. The good thing is that my husband or our family can swing by the house to pick us up anything we may have forgotten.

Well, that’s what we have in our diaper bag for now!


Thanks Erin so much for showing us all your goodies!! If you have any advice on what else she’ll need leave her a comment below! Also for you other soon to be parents check out my printable Hospital List. It will help get you started with what you will need for delivery!

Make sure you come back next Wednesday for another Edition of What’s in my Diaper Bag!

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  1. Jen says:

    One thing she may want to throw in there is a pacifier! It really helps with self-soothing when a baby is newborn.


    • Susan says:

      Very true .. although we used the hospitals paci until CK was older. You know those green soothers worked great!