Zootastic Park in Mooresville, NC

August 6, 2012 | By More

Finally now that CK is feeling better, Nate and I wanted to get him out of the house and take him somewhere fun. We decided to go check out Zootastic Park which is about 20 minutes away.

Zootastic in Mooresville, NC

It’s a little different then Lazy 5 Ranch, here you walk around with a tour guide and they take you to all the animals and tell you all about them.

Tiger at Zootastic Park

Unfortunately Caden didn’t have the attention span for this so we decided to go off on our own and explore. They had a little baby cub out so we of course had to go pet her. She was adorable and just sat there and sucked on the lady’s finger.

Baby Lion at Zootastic

Next we headed towards the goats. This was by far Caden’s favorite part. All the goats started coming up and sticking their heads through the fence, Caden thought it was the funniest thing! His little giggles are so contagious.

Feeding Goats at Zootastic

Feeding the Goats at Zootastic Park

Even Nate got in on the action :).

Feeding the Goats

Visiting with the Goats at Zootastic

We then went around and checked out all the other animals. We saw Zebras, Camels, Horses, Llamas, Ostriches, Birds, chickens, tigers, all sorts of different animals.

Zebra at Zootastic Park

Turtles at Zootastic Park

We still had some food left over so we went back to the goats to let them finish off their snack and then headed home to have a cookout with some new neighbor friends. We will definitely be back! We had a great experience and the people were so nice!

Feeding the baby goat at Zootastic Park

PS: They even have Christmas Lights during the Holiday Season!

Did you enjoy any new adventures this weekend?


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  1. Christie
    Twitter: koesterRuns

    So glad to read your review! I’ve been meaning to take Riley here, so was excited to see pics and hear your opinion of it. Did you like it better than Lazy 5, overall? I think it might be a little better, since the kids can get out and walk around, but both look pretty fun.

    So glad CK is feeling better- what a rough couple weeks!